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We sell Cannanda CB2 Organic oil clinically studied and tested also can order online receive 10% off when you go to This Link

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The Difference Between CBD and CB2 Organic


“The benefit of CB2 oil is that it side-steps every problem that plagues CBD; problems like adverse drug interactions, unanswered questions regarding safety, undisclosed THC, and other quality issues. CB2 oil also has double the success rate compared to CBD, and has a much more direct benefit on pain, arthritis, and other inflammatory conditions,” said Lee Know, co-founder of Cannanda.

cannabis sources to comply with the Cannabis Act (Canadian regulations for the legal cannabis market),” confirmed Dr. Lee Know, the creator of CB2 oil.


In recent times, people have been choosing CB2 Oil to provide relief rather than hemp oil or CBD Oil. The question is: Why is CB2 better than CBD? 

Occasionally, people tend to assume CB2 oil and CBD oil are the same products. This false assumption is due to the fact that they both target the same system in the body, the endocannabinoid system. CBD oil is directly obtained from the leaves, stalks, and flowers of the Hemp plant. At the same time, CB2 oil is a blend of terpenes which are technically the essential oils from hemp and other plants. “For our products, we extract these terpenes from non-


A lot of people who have successfully used our products for fibromyalgia. The only way to find out is to give the products a try. Cannanada CB2 has a success rate of about 60-70% (roughly 2 out of 3 will find it helps), so it's certainly worth a try. For reference, CBD has a success rate of about 33% (1 in 3 will find it helps), and I quote a pharma exec, "up to 90% of drugs on the market have a success rate of 30-50%" by comparison, our products will work really well for most (another comparison... Tylenol has about a 70% success rate for pain so we're comparable for effectiveness, except our products don't come with all the health risks associated with things like Tylenol).


The Wellness formula promotes the health of the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for regulating balance in our body 's immune response, communication between cells, appetite, metabolism, memory - and much, much more that I can't rememebr off the top of my head
I found the CB2 Wellness helpful for pain, inflammation, arthritis, bursitis, anxiety, depression, cardiovascular function, neurological function, brain function, and overall health and wellness. For all of this I can gladly trade the bitterness of the taste, which may indeed be an acquired taste. After using the product for a few days, I don't seem to notice the taste as much.

To answer your question... the softgels are great as well, especially for travelling with. The liquid is definitely a better value (in terms of how much of the terpenes and hemp seed oil you get), but the softgels can't be beat for convenience. They are carrageenan-free softgels (carrageenan is seaweed extract often used in "vegan" sofgels and is a compound that causes intestinal inflammation). We've only found one manufacture that can do this, and encapsulating in with them definitely comes with a premium.


Something else to consider, most who use our products use one of the CB2 Hemp Seed Oils (liquid or softgels) daily, but then will also use the CB2 Wellness sublingually (drops under the tongue) "as needed"...either for greater potency on certain days, or to use topically (the CB2 Salve is also a great topical).


The softgels and Wellness are both very convenient to travel with. Testimonial from a few years ago (a trucker who injured his back):



Regarding smoking, activation of CB2 has been shown to reduce the lung fibrosis from nicotine exposure, but my guess is that it would have been something to use during the years he was smoking. Other than that, there is some evidence that CB2 activation can reduce people's desire for various addictive substances, including alcohol and cocaine, so there might be a good chance that it would be relevant to nicotine as well.

The most common way to use is as follows:


Official stance on pregnant and breastfeeding women is to consult a doctor prior to use or don't use. However, in reality, it's a very safe and beneficial product for them. Every ingredient they use has GRAS status (a US-based food safety designation) meaning these are food products. In fact, anyone eating a healthy diet rich in fruits and spices will already be consuming a large amount of terpenes, and in greater amounts than what our products supply (and also naturally-occurring terpenes that don't have GRAS status... and there are many that don't have GRAS status)



CB2 Dog-Ease Hemp Seed Oil: taken daily poured over their food


CB2 Dog-Ease terpenes: use as needed by placing drops on their favourite treat. This can also be used topically for wounds, injuries, arthritis, bug bites, hot spots, etc.

This is the one I would recommend if only wanting to use is as needed. We've got plenty of great testimonials for stress and anxiety, but it's important to know that it doesn't have a lot of effect on "normal" hyperactivity. Activation of CB2 receptors essentially helps balance things when they are off balance. If a young puppy is hyper (which is a normal part of their growth and development), our product won't do much. In this case, behavioral training is the better approach, but it's it's due to anxiety, then our product could help.

use the wellness CB2 oil for my fibromyalgia/arthritis pain, works great! I was taking gabapentine 1 300mg capsules4 times per day. It started bothering my stomach though, so I asked my Dr to wean me off. Even though I take 1 1300mg of turmeric(with black pepper) 4 times per day I was experiencing some pain in late afternoon/evening. I thought I'd try the CB2 Wellness oil too. I can't use Marijuana CBD oil bc, that causes problems I won't go into here. Didn't care for the taste but started taking 3 drops, under the tongue 2 times per day. It works great! And I am pain free!! The CB2 oil helps me get to sleep and sleep well, all night! Which is an added bonus! It helps my anxiety also I can't imagine life without Cb2 wellness now and am so grateful to the Dr's that created this blend. I accidently bought the wrong oil the last time (view picture) the large bottle is what I mistakenly bought and was confused wondering why it wasn't working like before ( little bottle). I thought it was the same stuff but in a bigger bottle! One of the Dr's emailed me to explain that the large bottle has added Omega3 oil and less terpenes ( the pain killer) then he made me a wonderful offer to get the correct wellness bottle (more terpenes then the large bottle). So I am very pleased with the customer care and the product.!!

I have been on the hunt for a high-quality hemp oil supplement, and CB2 Hemp Oil Capsules have exceeded all my expectations. From the moment I started using these capsules, I noticed a significant improvement in my overall well-being.

First and foremost, the fact that these capsules are organic is a major selling point for me. I am very conscious of what I put into my body, and knowing that CB2 uses only organic hemp oil gives me peace of mind. I can trust that I'm not consuming any harmful chemicals or additives.

The potency of these capsules is spot on. Each serving provides just the right amount of hemp extract to deliver its beneficial effects. I find that two capsules per day are sufficient to help me feel more relaxed and balanced, even during stressful situations.

The extraction process used by CB2 ensures the highest quality hemp oil. I appreciate that they utilize CO2 extraction, which preserves the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes present in hemp. This results in an entourage effect that enhances the overall effectiveness of the hemp oil.

One of the aspects I love most about these capsules is their convenience. Instead of dealing with the mess and taste of traditional hemp oil tinctures, I can simply take a capsule with water or my morning smoothie. It fits seamlessly into my daily routine, making it easy to incorporate hemp oil into my wellness regimen.

The benefits I've experienced since using CB2 Hemp Oil Capsules have been remarkable. Not only do they promote a sense of calm and relaxation, but I've also noticed improvements in my sleep quality. I wake up feeling more refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Furthermore, these capsules have been a game-changer for my recovery after intense workouts. They help soothe muscle soreness and reduce inflammation, allowing me to stay active and maintain my fitness routine without any interruptions.

The customer service provided by CB2 has been outstanding. They promptly addressed any inquiries I had and even provided helpful guidance on dosage and usage. Their dedication to customer satisfaction speaks volumes about the integrity of their brand.

In conclusion, CB2 Hemp Oil Capsules have become an essential part of my daily wellness routine. Their organic nature, potent formula, ease of use, and noticeable benefits make them a 5-star product in my book. If you're looking to enhance your well-being and experience the advantages of hemp oil, I highly recommend giving these capsules a try. They have certainly made a positive difference in my life, and I have no doubt they will do the same for you.

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Wow! Okay, I will be totally honest--the product did not seem to work for me, although I only tried it once because, well, it tastes awful. Like watered-down Listerine. (EDIT: I just tried it again and this time it tasted like orange essential oil. Odd!)

However, the customer service of this company is phenomenal. I did not ask for a refund, but I told them I didn't like it and they refunded me without my asking for it. Which has inspired me to give it another shot. So if you're on the fence, and not sure whether you should try it or not, you really have nothing to lose!

When they say they truly care about their customers and want them to be happy, they really mean it!

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Saved me from despair. I was crying from pain this morning, having endured crippling jaw spasm for the past 3 months. I have been thinking that I cant go on like this much longer. I decided to try rubbing a couple drops of CB2 on my face, temples, and applying heat. I even took 3 drops orally. The relief I felt is unlike any other. I have tried about 6 different anti inflammatory and muscle relaxants, opiates and benzos and nothing has come close to the relief from this little vial. I feel calm, the tension has subsided, and no pain. I am completely blown away and feel a glimmer of hope that I can feel normal again. Btw I am seeing a specialist soon about this, I just have to have relief until then, but I already ordered another vial. 🙏🙏


I had a stroke 3 years ago, and have lots of pain in my hands and neck, and a lot of anxiety, I have taken CBD oil before but this is much more potent. The best part of this product is no side effects AT ALL, compared to how those those synthetic medications. CBD oil has no counter indications with any medication you're on. I'm on blood thinners, Zoloft and blood pressure, it doesn't affect it. I highly recommend this, it eases my pain without the drowsy feeling my usual pain meds give me. And to top it all off, this is a great company to deal with, very professional, and super fast shipping. Will definately buy from them again. actually taste likes lemon, pleasant taste!

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