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Rejuvity and the garden is nearly finish

Secret  Garden Hair Studio


A Bit About Me

Kim was trained in London England  a very exciting place to live in the 60s and 70s. she did her three year apprenticeship in Harrow Sopers department store. Then another two years before she qualified as a professional hairstylist. She lived in Paris and different parts of France in the middle of the 70s.  Came to Canada in 1977, worked at HE&SHE for four and half years in the West end.  Opened up two successful hair dressing businesses called  BLADES HAIR STUDIO in Ottawa;  one in 1982 on Carling Avenue and a second studio downtown Ottawa in 1984 in the Market Mall in between George and William street. She opened The Secret Garden Hair Studio in 2008 a beautiful four session sun room bringing in lots of light and positive  energy. She sells and uses in her studio Organic Onesta hair products and they smell Devine and are wonderful for your hair, scalp and   the environment more 

Lovely memories of Dr. Brouse coming to Ottawa and being with Shirley and her husband Murray great people. Kim bringing a client Maureen her mother and some others. It was always interesting and fun listening to Dr. Brouse taking about Shaklee. A wealth of knowledge never boring and bought his books Build A Better You. Herself, Michel and son did the Build A Better You a couple of times through out the years.  Michel did a nutritional course with Dr. Brouse that year. How time flies by now 2024 

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Why Will More Children Become Autistic?

How do our children learn? By watching others, they are like little sponges soaking it all up, seeing expressions on people's faces is very important. They know when you are happy they see a smile, if you are not or are sad an upside down smile. How will that happen in Kindergarten if the teachers are masked and the people around them, they will feel shut out. What will that do for many? It will be confusing they will go into their own little world even more especially the sensitive ones and could course depression down the road, If not supervised properly it will cut them off from society  going on the internet. It could lead to some terrible consequences. 

A Teachers Heart Breaks 

She is willing to share and hopes it will wake people up, this is not about who is right or wrong. We need to come together with kindness for humanity not to be divided this is not what we really want for our children and their future? We want the best for them, to get rid of evil and corruption. She knows for many who have been sheltered have no idea or the concept that's happening to our world and in our schools. How children have been and are still being brainwashed with Globalism and sex education.

Canada Schools Brainwashing
Children With LGBT

Autism Comes:

Many have no idea they are autistic and never been diagnosed and

 if they have usually with    Bipolar~OCD ~ADD ~Depression~ Personality Disorder~ PTSD and everything else under the sun

, never with the autism. Why? Because they have learned Masking

 hiding behind their facade just like her Becoming a Chameleon.

They know they are different and have all sorts of careers. Teachers~Engineers~Doctors~Politicians~Psychiatrists

~Psychologists~Scientists~Philosophers~Inventors extremely

focused  have come out with Incredible, Remarkable Inventions

Both Tesla & Einstein had many failures and both had a hard life, never

gave up in what they believed in;  highly focused and brilliant minds.

            The hardships they went through and look at what they achieved.

In all different shapes and sizes, they have their own unique personalities.

 How they have been brought up makes a big difference in so many ways.

 Genetics, DNA are involved how they handle their situations and

are able to cope. What they do have in common they do not like change,

need to control their environment,  looks like they are self centered

in many ways when it comes  to family issues. They love animals

and can relate to them better than people because they

 love  you back unconditionally and do not judge.  

Having this syndrome they are very smart, highly focusing on things

that interest them and forgetting to eat sometimes, they in their own zone. Learned masking  to be able to fit in, it can become daunting,

exhausting.  Finding  in everyway possible to survive especially

if they are empaths living in this unfamiliar world of theirs. 

What's wonderful! 

They are Resilient, Awesome and Authentic 

 Actors~ Poets~ Authors~ Designers~ Hairdressers.  Many are in

  the arts because they are extremely creative and visual and  have learned

 to live in this vast universe by studying others, picking up vibes and have

become very good at it. Because they love animals and having that

bond could go into that field by working with them. They are inquisitive

wanting to know more and thinking outside the box. Some have

become Psychics in the Spiritual field and are very good at

 their Craft, because they could be Empaths have Gifts others

 don’t have. Being Highly Sensitive picking up Energy,

Having an Antenna Reaching Far and Wide. 


If they don’t understand their gifts it will become confusing, cause them

many problems, bringing on high anxiety  trying to understand and second guessing themselves. It's very Important to look after their Health &

Well Being by building their immune system making it vibrant

and strong.  They need to Calm their Brain down Lower

 their Stress. They just want to be able to be left alone to do their

own thing. In Peace, Harmony and Most of All Love. When

you say to a female you do not look any different you can't be

autistic.  What Autistic females want you to know Videos













They're in all in different fields of society, it could be you or someone

you  know, a friend, a colleague or a family member. They are kind

and have empathy but internalize everything. Some are good at writing

poetry sharing their feelings. Like being in their own existence are

happier that way. They do not like being told what to think, do and 

say if it doesn’t make sense to them.  Can get overwhelmed not

understanding others and it can shut them down. As children

could be misled may go along with things that can harm them.

If they don’t understand themselves and not having the right guidance and

 support this will affect them tremendously. Sometimes not comprehending

 the consequence and some turning to drugs getting into trouble.

 Others using alcohol or both trying to calm their nerves and

anxieties down to be able to function the best way possible. 


Now quite a  few of the younger generation thinking if they change their

  Gender a He to a She and Visa Versa they will feel better, to find

out later it was the biggest mistake for some of them. Trans Regret

Unfortunately knowing they are different and just want to fit in.  Feeling like

 an alien from another planet and who knows maybe they are StarSeeds.

Sent here as light workers for a reason to make this world a better place

He Loves the Old Black and White Movies

He loves to laugh  at the old black and white movies with the Marx brothers and WC Fields. When he was growing up  going with his best buddy Paulo and the rest of their gang to the Saturday afternoon matinees. Seeing the Bowery Boys; he thought it was hilarious how Slip Mahoney would mispronounce his words. He still loves watch them on Saturday on the telly, it’s good to laugh in these times of chaos.  His favorite movie of all time is Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, he has seen that movie numerous times. He's a romantic and in the summer time brings his wife roses from the garden, he loves to spoil her. 

A Wonderful Teacher 

Michel a retired French teacher did enjoy supply teaching grades one to eight. Being in his 70's it doesn’t look like he will be going back teaching because of the virus. It's a shame, he's a wonderful teacher with great knowledge and can see how the teaching system has changed, with all this political correctness and globalism.

Why is There Another Lockdown Coming?

This information ignored by American media and the CDC: Children are seven times more likely to die from seasonal flu than the Coronavirus.Will things get back to normal? let's hope they will but don't hold your breath having the Trudeau government and the Liberal Health Minister  Dr. Tam running things. 

Life Style ~How You Think

Why do we judge people by their age? It’s to do with lifestyle and your outlook on life,   He’s Fitter and Healthier than most people. When you enjoy what you do, teaching children in school;   They do need to get back  to normal and socializing to be able to be with other children, learning in the classroom. Can you imagine those kids with special needs who cannot wear masks and the ones with health conditions. Wearing a mask can cause more problems for them, then what is going to happen?

Making Muffins 

Loves making gluten free muffins, they are delicious. Recipe His interests  are   Working Out he retired from playing hockey in 2018. He completed an online  nutrition course with Dr. Brouse who helped the family in 1992 and put them on the road to good health.  One of the first thing they had to do was take all chemical Cleaners out of their home.


It's Extremely Important 

It's good for the soul, positive  human contact,  a spirit within   chatting, laughing and smiling, isn’t that what life is all about. and  when the clients leaves feeling better than when they came. 

You get to a place in your life and you want peace, harmony and tranquility that's how she has designed her home and hair studio. You can tell a lot about a person by their surroundings.

What is The Difference? 

*No chemicals or chemical smells.

*Tranquil music, a fountain and home made muffin if you want

*Lots of windows, outside feels like you're at the countryside.

* A happy positive and friendly atmosphere.

*When you love what you to do you will be happy and content.


Live~Laugh~Love~ Happiness.

She has those words above her door in the hair studio. She was very blessed, many years ago, learn all that she needed to keep herself and her family healthy and strong.  Bringing with it a higher frequency, a positive energy learning Reiki. She changed her surroundings became more grounded bring with it  Peace~ Harmony~ Serenity

2008 Built the Secret Garden Hair Studio

Being extremely sensitive to her environment wanting to give others another choice of going to the hairdressers to get their hair cut, styled and coloured. Had a grand opening, invited, clients, family and friends, a chemical free studio with organic products. Many  windows bringing in lots of light, what wonderful good energy she was receiving having a creative flair.  

How Did She Do It?

Drawing pictures, visualizing being highly focused to detail and there it was she bought it to fusion her vision. Beautiful scenery attracting  like minded people who didn't want to be around toxic chemicals.   

     Positive. Positive. Good Energy It Felt Magnificent!!!

Rejuvity and the garden is nearly finish


Now She loves to learn all she can and having her husband educating her about world history and politics along with writing her novels. It came in handy with all this uncertainty and not knowing what is really going on; and can you really trust the media? If you don’t know your history or understand in these times of upheaval and the terrible monstrosities that are happening: Burning, Looting, killing and Tearing down Statues, you can see it’s all become political. If we don't learn from our past, history is bound to repeat itself again and again.

What Ever Will Be Will Be

 She has no idea when her first novel will be finished, she is in no hurry and will she get it published? They are censoring books on the internet, it’s becoming like Orwell’s novel 1984. She’s not worried, whatever will be, will be like her mother would say, and as the song goes “Que sera sera”. Contact Tracing is Orwellian and 72 years ago 1949 that's when Orwell Published 1984 she was born a year later 1950 and will be 71 in 2021. I don't think he could have never really predicted what's right now.


Being Led on This Journey

She didn’t know at the time when she was putting her website together she would be sharing all of this, it was a calling.  She is being taken on this path and had said to her husband when she turns 70; everything is going to connect come together and change! It sure has and with all this time on her hands and she had  so much she needed to share. One link will takes you to another, putting all the pieces together; just like a Magnificent Mosaic, then you will see the whole Amazing Picture before your eyes The Window of The Soul Never Lies, Voila! Now it all makes sense and having the knowing like her mother it took her on this journey and became the woman she needs to be. Amen💕🙏🏽

A  Poem To Her Dear Beautiful Mom

Expressing Herself

 With meditation and prayer, she  knows she's being guided and she loves writing and putting her feelings down. Writing her novels has helped her grow as a person and she learned a great deal about herself. It passed the time with the economy closing down and having a brain that doesn’t shut off, it’s wonderful to be able to express herself.  For her it doesn’t make sense what's going on and it's been over a year now we are in 2021. The reason why she felt this way it has never in history happened before. Why Now? Could it be that the Chinese the Globalists and the Deep State  are behind all of this?  


You have to be a role model for your children teaching them right from wrong and when they see  you have Faith, Hope and God’s Love, it doesn’t mean you have to be religious and go to church, it's in your heart and being doing the right things. When your children know you are not living in fear and stand up to what you believe in  gives them hope, character; courage  and a strong will and they won’t go along with the crowd. They'll have their own thoughts and opinions. Every parent with good intentions wants to see their children be happy and successful in something they are passionate about and support   them in every way possible.  

Her mom would tell her the Story of the ugly duckling growing into a Beautiful Swan when Crying


Jimmy Savile 
Disgusting Evil


Being a Mod  1964

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