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The Story of a controversial company Huaxing in Canada that parades itself as a pioneer,  but is accused of being a gateway for China to spy on the western nations Trailer


Can't See the Forest for the Trees

Stop The Hating and The Ridicule Come Together for Humanity

Educate Yourself make sure what you are hearing and seeing is the truth.

Who are these people who would rather sell their Country down the river

to China than Tell the Truth? They will Twist the Words to suit

their own Rhetoric and Agenda. Why would you believe them?

Go with your gut feeling your intuition not

with your emotions wanting to be right 



This Video Says it All

Published May 2020
Why are the Chinese lying?
Can you trust them?
Is this Virus worse then other viruses ? 
Like the SARS 
Why shut down the economy?
It's never happened before in history
Trudeau sending money  to WHO
Can the government trust them?
Are they being lied to?
Of course they are
When will we really know?

Oscar Wilde: “A cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. A sentimentalist sees an absurd value in everything.”

Brigadier General Robert S. Spalding talks about how much trust there is to the World Health Organization and Why Tedros Adhanom Didn't Call for a Global Pandemic. Read Stealth War

May 27, 2021

LILLEY UNLEASHED: Trudeau cries racism again as usual a great response from Canice Bergen

World Over - 2021-06-10 - Gordon Chang with Raymond Arroyo

GORDON CHANG, Asian affairs expert discusses US-China relations, the 32nd anniversary of the Tianenman Square massacre and much more.

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