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Julie Desmarais nine years ago on Jen's Roger's tv Animal Totems .

Julie Announced in Jan 2023 she will be back to public speaking and teaching again.

To learn more go here  

I had coloured, cut, styled and applied Julie's makeup for her appearance on the show that day. It's a pity you can't see the whole show there where some great call Julie took on their Animal Totems.   Julie is a Holographic Energy Technician, but most commonly known as an "Emotional Intuitive", sharing similar gifts to famed intuitive healers Caroline Myss and Barbara Ann Brennan. Her  ability to communicate with your Higher Self, navigate, read and balance the human energy field (hologram), allows her to help you to awaken your Soul's greatest potential.

My three oracle cards with unicorns 


Diana Cooper is a therapist, healer and international author of several books. She is a regular radio broadcaster and has appeared frequently on television worldwide. During a crisis in her life she had a powerful angelic experience. . Diana Cooper's documentary below shares her story how unicorns came into her life. Others tell their stories about these magnificent beautiful creatures also learning Reiki and seeing auras.  


I bought Diana Cooper Orb Oracle Cards I see Orbs. I'm extremely interested in these subjects because of my mom and my auntie being a clairvoyant on their side of the family they were psychic.    


Her Grandpa's from Manchester wrote her a magical story. Where everyone lived in

peace no wars only  love and harmony . 

Then one day everything changed the little Princess had to learn her life lessons

This was amazing another sign I was on my computer and I looked over at my mother curio were she kept her trinkets. There at the bottom as I looked down a glass unicorn on top of a mirrored music box. My mom had bought for me many, many years ago. I had never noticed it before but there it was looking back at me. I picked it up and turned the key it brought back memories and tears of joy. Yes mom you are still with me in Mind Body, Spirit & Soul. 


Yes I'm Gong To The Fifth Dimension 



I was putting an email together to a very special friend I had received an email from them and what a beautiful  surprise their lovely wishes for the New Year. I hadn't heard from them for a while. It’s really weird  I was meditating the other night and sent Light 💫 Peace 🕊and  Love 💕to them and their loved ones. 



While putting this email together in my family room and sharing my doggie Angel 👼was no longer with me. I do see energy and as I was putting my feeling down I looked up and saw these indigo bowl of lights. The frequency comes from the tv and the ceiling is high and they are orbs I see them all the time in that room. That's where we saw the Falcon outside the family room window perched on our red maple tree Christmas morning. I asked  show me who was I receiving.  It was amazing it turned into an immerge of my little Angel 👼who passed away in my arms. I started crying it was so peaceful, beautiful 😍 she looked like an Angel her body and ears were very long white and translucent. She came closer was looking down at me I  saw her eyes; the Window of The Soul they Never Lie. As I have mentioned  I’m too sensitive for this world I'm going to the 5th Dimension  that's were I belong and meant to be........

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