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Had no Idea She Would be Sharing 

She Just Wants The Truth 

COVID 19  She has put links and videos to good information to share because you will not get this info from most of the media. Some are trying to silence what they don't want you to see and hear. .Yes there is a serious virus and you have to be careful and responsible when going out and being with the public. Don't touch your face and wash your hands when you get home.
Like all the other viruses that have come and gone, quarantine the elderly who are fragile and the ones with underlying conditions keep them at home and safe. Why quarantine the people who are  healthy?  What's going on?
Wearing mask Can It  Hurt Your Immune System
Is it wrong  to make it mandatory  to wear a mask if you are healthy  with no underlying conditions?  If you are working at home and your home is an extremely  healthy environment? No toxins! Using organic hair and cleaning products, no chemical smells, no chlorine in the water  throughout  the  home.  You can  keep your immune system strong if you do all  the right things.  When coming to the home and if  the clients  feel more comfortable wearing a mask that's fine, and  if  they don't that's ok too.   Should  you   have to wear a
mask  if  it  means you cannot  work under those circumstances and you work in your own home, and it this the start of Big Brother coming after you? Her husband letter to the Ottawa Sun You Said It: Orwell Warned Us  For her she would  feel  terribly  claustrophobic and would  hinder her creativity and she does suffer with migraines  if  she  doesn't  take  care of   herself.  People  who  meditate   know  taking  deep  breaths  is  very  important  in  reducing  stress  and  boosting  the immune system. Releasing  Endorphins  the good  hormones;  like  Dopamine, Oxytocin and  Serotonin.  There are  many other ways you can you can do this to help with stress and better your mood.  Being in the Sun/Exercising / Diet, eating the right foods is Essential/ Laughing  being  with  Good Friends and Family.
Women  love  going  to  the  hairdressers  and  chatting  with  their  stylist , it's  especially  therapeutic  for their well being.  Where else can you  go, where you come out  feeling and  looking  better   than  when  you  went,  lifting  up  the clients'  spirits with good positive energy. This is why she loves what she does and  that's what we need in this time of uncertainty where there is so much confusion and  contradiction.   As  long  as you  respect  other  people's  point  of  view, but  at  the  same time  you   have  to  go  with  your  own intuition.  That's   what  she  has   always  done;  and   this   has   never  steered   her  wrong,  when   she  has   listened   to   it.   She is very proud of what she has accomplished  and  has always thought outside the box and if it doesn't make sense to her, she researches by educating herself and  only  brings  information   for   her highest  good  as well  as  for others.  God Bless Amen🙏🏽        The   Reason  For   The  Spike  In  The  Coronavirus  Cases 
Tucker Carlson Tonight 5/10/21 FULL | Tucker Carlson Tonight May 10, 2021
Doctor Speaks Out Whistleblowers
Doctors say Fake CV19 Numbers Dr Annie Bukacek Dr Scott Jensen Covid1984. The numbers are wrong
Masks Information From Her Client:        
I've been doing lots of research on masks because of my lungs.  Here's what I know: The N95 mask which I wore the other day protects the wearer.  However it needs to fit tightly so that the wearer does not breathe through the sides of the mask.  The mask I wore was snug for that purpose. These are the same masks that health care workers are wearing but not bought at their expense.  It's a mask I had for when I helped my husband with the renos.  This mask is not without risks if not handled properly. The other type of masks that we are being instructed to wear is to protect others.  It will not protect the wearer. This is all about protecting the more vulnerable.
If the President is for it the left  wing media will  kybosh any thing he says., it is political  like Hydeoxychloroquine  because of the 2020 election.  Isn't  it strange the internet keep taking videos down if they don't agree with them, so she finds other information you can view; because you can't  keep people quiet any longer  they want the truth.  Now Dr. Fauci wants people to wear goggles.  My God what next will people go along with? Who is he really  What's  this all about?
There is so much conflicting information, who do you believe? Did these scientists, and doctors overreact for a reason and get the right information out? Why was the economy shut down? It has never happened before like this. In Canada if a certain group protests, that's OK, in the States it's even worse.  But God forbid if you're protesting wanting to go back to work to make a living, you are called names and you are going to kill people. Even a guy was fined in Ontario for taking his dog for a walk, and many others for ridiculous and minor incidences. What about the Pizza shop opening to feed people when the protesting was going on? He got fined, none of the protesters were, even though they were not social distancing. But if you are protesting other causes, that's perfectly OK, it's hypocritical no wonder people are getting fed up and pissed off. It's crazy what's happening.  As her mother would say; "it will all come out in the wash sweetheart, then the truth will be revealed".   
Question: If opening the country and sending Americans back to work is going to skyrocket the curve, why would President Trump want to do it? He'll be crucified for it, and he'll pay the price in November. Plus, when even the ultra-liberal apostate Bill Maher is denouncing this thing as media-driven con game, maybe it's safe to say the globalists have jumped the shark on this one.

This is a Powerful Interview on the COVID 19 

Dr. Andrew Kaufman: He discusses the expanding curtailment of basic civil liberties being normalized under the false pretext of global health emergency. Please educate yourself, if not for yourself do it for your children and grandchildren's sake. It will help you understand why this doctor is speaking out, they are trying to take away our freedoms and not looking after our best interests. How can you have a vaccine for a virus that doesn't ........ YouTube are taking these videos down they don't want you to know the truth.

Dr Andrew Kaufman They Want To Genetically Modify

Us With The COVID 19 Vaccine



Watch: G. Edward Griffin Warns

 About  The Communist Take Over

What Made Her So Resilient?
Fighting The Bully When growing up in England in the last year at school and still being bullied, teased and put down. This bully would hit her, call her names and she would try to ignore it. One day when her hormones were kicking in; this bully after gym was taunting her again. It was hard for her to verbalize her feelings and something inside her snapped and she went for her The whole story
Young Autistic Girl 
No one should be touched and beat up like this autistic girl. Anyone who has been bullied knows what it feels like. It's not right and disgusting what happened; you be the judge and see if you feel the same. The whole story
  Women To Admire: They are All  Heroes
 Anastasia Lin was Miss Canada in 2015, a beautiful woman inside and out. Shares what it was like living in China and says it so eloquently how she was brainwashed. Please go to this Link  You would not want to be living there. We are so blessed living in a free society, for God's sake let's keep it that way.  So we can be free to do what we feel is best for us and our family. Be law abiding citizens but not have the government telling us what we can and cannot say or do. If you do not want to be immunized that's up to you not the bureaucrats. Don't listen to someone else, learn all that you can for yourself.  Then it's up to you what you want to do. Caught On Zoom In Canada Have To See
Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson A Canadian Spiritual Leader an author, speaker, activist and former co-host of the 700 Club Canada! She stands for a common-sense approach to politics and to fight for people’s rights to be heard. Link
Touched By An Angel with Roma Downey aired from 1994 to 2003 a supernatural drama.   She played an angel  called Monica the series had morals and great for children to watch. Monica is a kind angel who enjoys helping ones in need. She goes under trials and problems in peoples' lives to help them get to be with God.  
Monica to Fall from Grace
To combat what is wrong, is not to be afraid. When good people come together with God's love and stand up for what you believe. Good will Win over Evil. We need more payer and Love
Yellow Roses Illustration
Why Did She Want To Do This?
 Because She likes justice and fair play. She doesn't like it when she sees these untruths and how it affects people's health and well being. She sees this happening to the people she loves cares about and how afraid they have become. Politicians and left wing media can spin and twist stories for their own purposes and agenda. It's all coming out and history will be the judge.
Was it overreaction 
Amazing Polly She is really amazing, a Canadian woman getting information out and awakening the public in what is going on. Joining the dots together in detail how the system works with the corrupt and dishonest politicians, scientists and the elites, like Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci. Where the tax dollars can go to fund these so called charities and agencies. You can't believe it till you actually can see it with your own eyes. How she pulls back the curtain and exposes the fraud, it's extremely shocking It's up to the individual if they want to believe it but she certainly as some extremely interesting information. 

Worldwide Population Being Tortured In Deep State Psyop.
Video on Amazing Polly's she believe it becomes clear that what we are being put through torture with the viru…
Like when they said that the President of the United States mocked a disabled man. It wasn't true and she can prove it; Brandon Straka a staunch Liberal and why did he Walk Away and didn't want to be a Liberal Anymore?   Go here 
Do You Think This is Fair?
Is this big Brother going overboard, in some of these States in America when seeing what's happened to this 
Hairdresser owner  in Dallas?  Go here. 
What is Big Brother? 
The  government wanting to control everything and free speech, it's already happening. Electronic devices and cameras, knowing your every move. Do you want your country to be like China? Becoming a totalitarian society, where Big Brother, the government is the head of a dictatorial regime. If you haven't read 1984 George Orwell's book, he lays it all out perfectly: the rise of U.K. Socialism.
I am sure with all this uncertainty with the Coronavirus, some Canadians are sick and tired of being called racists when criticizing the Liberal Health Minister Teresa Tam . They are not racists, they are concerned citizens who are worried about their country, family and fellow men.  The economy crashing and small businesses taking the fall, and having to let their businesses go under, their employees no longer having a job. Why shouldn't people be worried, they are living in fear and upset and want to know what is really going on? It's OK  for the ones who are still employed or are retired, but many are wondering  when will this ever end? They have families to feed and  look after and  bills to pay. Lady going to a anti shutdown rally in Toronto and was assaulted. This is not right we should be able to respect each other's points of view, without becoming aggressive or violent  Video  and update Video. Unfortunately when watching networks like  CNN or CBC  they spread fake news . They are stirring up trouble making things worse, so how can you believe everything they say and are they really telling you the truth? Or just using politics like with Hydroxychloroquine
America, The President 
When it comes to the virus and the President, the left wing media is being extremely biased  about Trump and have they ever said one good thing about him? No wonder people and Canadians don't like him. Brandon Straka felt the same way a lefty. Here's his story 
What has the President accomplished that you will not hear from the mainstream media? He has a big following with the Black population . Blacks for Trump
Are You Fedup With The Word Racist
Candace Owens an American Political Conservative
She's extremely intelligent, knows her history and what she is talking about.  She stands for Black and Brown rights and cannot tolerate the hypocrisy coming from the left. Blacks are starting to see through all of this BS and are waking up. Will they vote for  the Democratic Party  in the 2020 election?. They promise them everything but  unfortunately never deliver. Trump said what have you got to lose voting for him? The left wing media hate  Candace Owens because she supports the President and his agenda helping the Blacks.  Why? They want to silence and shut her down but she's a fighter she wants fair play and getting her point of view across.  Another amazing woman.  
Why do you think President Trump as gone after Planned Parenthood? The truth is all coming out and Planned Parenthood Officials have testified under oath about financial incentives in Fetal Tissue Research Program in Abortion and fetal tracking. They have to Tell the Truth. the Whole Truth and an Nothing but the Truth so help me God!!! How many babies have been aborted because of this corruption coming from the Democrats? It all started many years ago Who is Margret Sanger? A woman on a mission wanting to abort black babies and children of mother's........

Thank goodness we have an upstanding Hero like Dr. Judy Mikovits 

A Documentary on  vaccines  and  the corruption and cover-up.  A wake up call


Another Brave Courageous Woman standing up for what she believes in. She isn't against vaccines just the corruption that is going on.  It wasn't about money and power for her. She was doing what her conscious was telling her to do. Do the right thing, her soul was speaking to her. Dr. Judy Mikovits was an American research  scientist with integrity. She is now exposing Dr. Fauci and what was done to her and why she was sent to jail. My God, it makes sense what's going on with this COVID 19  See videos about her story  
Build Your Immune System Empower yourself, don't live in fear. We need social connection because if we are isolated that can lead to depression and cause suicide. She knows this to be true because a lady told her a story of an elderly women being looked after in home care. Now the virus was here she couldn't have visitors or see her family, she got depressed and stopped eating and passed away. How many others has this happened to but will not hear this in the news. Is that humane to let that occur? Like many who are suffering  and will not or can't get help, scared to go to the hospital because of the virus,
Anxiety~Depression In her case she has also suffered through her life with anxiety and depression, but wouldn't take antidepressants for her there was a reason. Diet is important, eating the right foods that will not cause her problems. Exercises, building her immune system in Mind-Body & Soulmeditation, prayer having faith hope and God's love works better for her. She doesn't criticize others, they have to do what they feel is best for them or their family. This is not about do as I say or blaming.
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