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On the farm at Bourget                                                     

Paul Harvey a radio broadcaster  started his career in the 50s.

Loved listening to his voice and his words of wisdom  

                                                        Memere & Pepere 60th  Anniversary 

His grandparents were farmers- no electricity, listened to Hank Williams and Patsy Cline on the radio that was hooked up to the car battery.  They were hard workers, the salt of the earth. His memere in the kitchen all day cooking on the propane stove. He and his cousins loved the grilled toast that she made on top of the iron skillet and each had twenty pieces, they were delicious. On weekends the farm was filled with happiness; family, friends, neighbours from all over and their children bringing musical instruments. Playing their fiddles, guitars, harmonicas and spoons singing all the top country and western songs. Enjoying themselves till the early hours of the morning.  They didn't have much money but they sure had a lot of fun; by the light from the Coleman oil lamps and the moon that lit up the sky and the room with energy of delight. Amen!!  







Product Purity and Potency

Another Shaklee difference is its Gold Standard of purity which sets higher standards than are currently established by ANY 3rd party certification in the world! What you see claimed in the label is guaranteed to be in every Shaklee product. And just as importantly, what is NOT on the label is guaranteed to not be in the product. Unfortunately that is not always the case for other supplement manufacturers.

Furthermore, Shaklee conducts research to confirm that all active ingredients are not only absorbed into the human body, but also go all the way through the blood stream and into the specific organ that is to receive the health benefit.

Last year they conducted over 83,000 different tests on pharmaceutical grade ingredients and botanicals to ensure purity and potency. There are tests to ensure over 358 different contaminants are not present which verifies the products are completely safe. While Shaklee procures ingredients from organic sources, it’s the testing that ensures the manufacturing process is only utilizing pure, uncontaminated source materials.

Shaklee has even discontinued their third best selling herbal product when it couldn’t procure source materials that were defect free. All sources of Asian Ginseng were found to have minute traces of a fungicide. This didn’t stop other manufactures from selling products, but Shaklee is not your typical company. Several years later once a new way to extract a pure form did Shaklee reintroduce the product as CorEnergy. Absolute safety is an important Shaklee difference.



Shaklee has worked with manufacturers to change their processing systems because very minute levels of contaminants were occasionally showing up, or because the extraction process has reduced the efficacy or potency of core elements. This confirms Shaklee’s commitment to do whatever is necessary to ensure the claimed benefits and healthfulness of its products.

Clinical and real world performance

Another Shaklee difference is the fact that it leads the world in the clinical research on nutritional products. All Shaklee formulas are science-based and from natural sources. There have been over 100 published clinical studies that prove Shaklee supplements are fully effective at delivering the desired benefits. And of course the Landmark Study highlighted on another page of this website confirms how over a twenty year period Shaklee products enhanced wellness while other nutritional supplements were in fact more deleterious than not taking any supplements at all!


There is clinical documentation available behind every single health claim made by Shaklee about its products. This cannot be said by other nutrition companies who utilize anecdotal information about general perceptions of a nutrient's effectiveness.


Whenever possible, Shaklee’s approach is to find solutions that help your body create the enzymes or amino acids needed for health rather than to just supply them from other sources. Why? Bodies in a healthy balance are able to self-sustain health. Simply ingesting the required substances does nothing to promote your body’s self-sufficiency over time.


Another way of demonstrating Shaklee’s commitment to performance is its revolutionary SMART delivery system (Shaklee Multinutrient Advanced Release Technology) which is protected by 14 patents. This unique process utilizes specific coatings for specific nutrients to ensure nutrients are digested in the right places at the right time to maximize benefit. In other words, some nutrients are best absorbed in the

stomach while others should pass through the small intestine to be absorbed in the large intestine.



While other manufacturers just ensure an ingredient is in the pill, Shaklee realizes that if it doesn’t make it through to the proper organ of the body, the benefits will not be realized. SMART supplements are designed by science to get what you need where they will do you the most good. 



Simply the best of science in every product

Shaklee is the ONLY nutritional company that can make the following claims:


  • Invested over $250,000,000 in research and development of its products

  • Over 100 published studies and abstracts in peer review journals that prove efficacy

  • Over 75 scientists on staff to develop breakthrough products which enhance your well-being

  • Over 50 patents on unique products that are only available from Shaklee

  • Landmark Study proving Shaklee supplement users have markedly better Health

  • When you choose Shaklee, you get the best of Nature.

  • There are clear performance reasons of the Shaklee difference.

 .  All natural ingredients

  • No artificial flavors

  • No artificial sweeteners

  • No hidden fillers

  • No animal testing

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