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Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario 


 The Teachers’ magazine is called The Voice. It doesn’t promote the basics like math, history, English and healthy living, they emphasize globalism and are more concerned with feelings than facts. They teach children to be victims not in control of their destiny. Did you know this  is what is being taught in our schools in Ontario?

An Ontario Divisional Court has ruled that forcing Ontario teachers to pass a Grade 9 multiple choice math test is unconstitutional and racially biased. This is a prime example of judicial activism (judges acting like politicians) and the woke ideology seeping into every aspect of our lives.

Education in Ontario Schools


It's so Important to be Educated in these times with kids going down the path of Globalism and Socialism. Unfortunately  they are not teaching history  in  schools,  colleges  and universities. Did you know that in 1969 there were 3 left of center professors to 2 right of center and now the ratio is 13 left to 1 right wing?  That's why these students hate capitalism, not understanding and being misled and Brainwashed  with  Propaganda. 

They Agree with This Professor Jordan Peterson He says it so eloquently what's happening in universities. This is a great example even back in the 60s when Michel went to Carleton University he saw this for himself. These extreme left wing  professors trying to use their agenda to change students' minds. Michel couldn't be brainwashed. Why? He knew his history, being an avid reader and when he saw these professors preaching propaganda he transferred to another course. In fact he changed 4 out of 5 in his second year, that's how bad it was.  Every professor should teach their students to be open-minded unfortunately this isn't happening. She saw this with a client's son, before going to college he was campaigning for a conservative candidate. When he returned home his mother couldn't believe how his policies had radically changed.  Now you can understand why children come home indoctrinated and where it comes from!.  


Jordan Peterson - Canadian Education System
Video 2018. Not Getting Any Better. Now the Lockdown

This is What's Happening in Universities In Canada
Professor Jordan Peterson sets social justice activists on fire. 

When Peterson started publishing his series on the dangers of political correctness this was 2016, it's gotten a lot worse since then. A lot of students are coming out of university brainwashed with these woke ideas. They have no concept what they are doing to themselves when they do not know their history. Look what happened in.....

Since 1972 Michel Has Seen Many Changes in the school system. The basics have been neglected, such as math skills, writing and spelling. The biggest change is in physical education; there used to be dedicated phys ed specialists in all grades. Now in primary and junior the homeroom teacher leads the class and most of them do not have any training in running a good physical education program. All children need physical activity, studies have shown they do much better in other subjects when they participate in strenuous daily physical education. Climate change and globalism have replaced the in depth study of Canadian history and geography. During my days as an occasional teacher I would try to bring important events to the attention of students, such as why was Ottawa chosen as our capital; what happened on June 6,1944 and highlight famous Canadians, past and present.


Children want to learn all the knowledge they can they are like sponges soaking it all up. But not to be brainwashed  by the global elites  with these pipedreams. Where in the world has communist fascism  worked  for the little people? And have to using children for their agenda like in China read Anastasia's story You can't but Admire and Adore her courage  

Listen to this teacher this is what's happening in schools in America and here a teacher claims that Harper Lee's great American novel To Kill a Mockingbird is racist because, basically, it might make people feel bad. 

Rethinking Education (Part 1) -

Sadhguru & Ken Robinson 

 True North

According to a new report on cancel culture and political discrimination in academia, 73% of Canadian university arts professors are leftists, and only 4% are conservative. What is it like for professors and graduate students to work in this greatly unbalanced environment?

 Graduated from Carleton in 1971 and Queen's  in 1972

Michel majored in French Literature and History in university, graduated with honours.   He's an avid reader, very well educated and shares his knowledge  and some good information  with his wife. She didn't get an education, being dyslexic with other difficulties. She is  learning  some important  facts which she had  no  idea  of.  To be honest  she  wasn't  interested  when she was younger. She had more of a liberal 


way of thinking having that mentality and hated the educational institution with a passion and couldn't wait to leave school at the age of fifteen. She was clueless and being a free spirit, didn’t want anyone telling her what she should think and do. She believes in free will but was taught responsibility and to use her common sense. Her mother would say she would never say sorry, she felt she had nothing to say sorry about; that's how her brain was wired. So why should she? She was telling the truth; this a great example when she was a little girl,  her mom after washing her hair would put a leave in water rinse. She would get many compliments from older people;  saying what beautiful golden and silky wavy  hair she had. Her reply "my mommy colours my hair". She was told you do not discuss our business  you keep it to yourself. This didn't make sense she was told to be honest, and this was very easy for her having this syndrome. This is why she put this website together she cannot stand liars and people who are deceitful, it's not in her being and will stand up for what she believes in. 



Back then if you were conservative you didn’t have a heart as in Churchill’s quote: But he also said: When you are older and still liberal thinking you don’t have a brain. That’s why many millennials are waking up once they reach a certain age. It seems like the roles have been switched, conservatives want free speech and not have government in their business. As they say ignorance is bliss; but not anymore with what is going on in America, around the world and even here in Canada. a few of her husband's letter to the Ottawa Sun newspaper a really good piece on tearing down statues. More  of  his Letters 

 Her Beautiful Mom

 After the Second

World War in London 


Her extraordinary mother, one of a kind with a great sense of humour and wonderful spirit,  taught her not to listen to others, sharing her wisdom with her daughter. If they don’t like a certain  person,  find out for yourself  they could be biased for a reason and it might be jealousy, envy and their personalities may clash. There are two faced people sweetheart who just like gossiping  you will come across as her mom had found out; being a working class Lancaster lass coming from Manchester when moving to London. 

Yes there were snobs she came across which she hated with a passion, couldn't  stand  small minded people who felt they were better than anyone else. That's why she taught her daughter no one was better than her and visa versa. She definitely was outspoken like the character in Coronation Street, Elsie Tanner. Her mom was always for the underdog and people who were authentic and different. She was kind-hearted, petite, pretty with  a beautiful smile; and  what  a spitfire she was and stood up for what she believed in. She prepared her daughter to go out into the world not by molly coddling her when it came to her independence. She let her experience life for herself; she knew her daughter wasn't a Susie homemaker and wasn't  .going to hold her back. She had the knowing letting her do want she wanted and was interested in. Her mother was very smart, knew if you were good looking, you would be treated better and was going to make sure her daughter would fit in and focused on her manners, etiquette and looks. It did make a difference many years later how she was treated and  having to learn How to fit in.....

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