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Are There Some Born
In The Wrong Body?

  No one should be bullied, she knows what that feels like. Just to make sure they are not making
a mistake and wait till they are older before giving them hormones and altering their bodies.
Please don't confuse autistic children or a child who may be going through a difficult  time.
Could be doing it for the wrong reasons talked into it by an professional telling them they are
in the wrong body. That is being misled without their parents knowing and giving them hormones.
That is Not Right. Make sure they  change their sex for the right reasons, that's important.
Should There Be a Limit to Gender
Identities? | Good Morning Britain 
Are There 100 Genders?
This video was in May 2018
Jordan Peterson, a psychology professor at the University of Toronto, posted a YouTube video criticizing the proposed Bill C-16, which adds gender identity and gender expression to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination. His video caused concern and sparked conversation. The Agenda convenes a panel to ask: Is the legislation a matter of human rights or a case of legal overreach that threatens freedom of speech?
What Jordan Peterson said has come true. You can go to jail now if you do not go along with the radical left. Look what happened to this father you have to know all the story before you can judge. They want to silence people, they don't want you to have a voice. Thank goodness there are some platforms left but how long for? If the left keep taking and taking till there is nothing left 
Look What They Are Doing To Children
Laura Lynn an Interview
A Father's
Story Transgender Child


We cannot show you his face but we can let him tell his story. In British Columbia the courts ordered that a 14 year old girl was able to change her gender without parental permission. The Father is now able to speak and here is the update. The government's perspective is parents don't matter. A young person who feels like changing their whole life and future, removing healthy sex organs can make these decisions and yet not drive a car or get a tattoo. Canada has betrayed the family and betrayed common sense and is now more interested in political correctness than the protection of young people until they are of age to make these life altering decisions. Real data and statistics show that 82% to 92% of kids completely stop having the desire to change their sex after they go through puberty. Yet, doctors are more interested in their financial kickbacks from the life-long drug therapies these young people will have to go on. Doctors offer kids cross-sex hormones within a two hour visit at Children's Hospital. First do no harm...yet doctors usher underage kids into pharmaceutical cross sex hormone therapies leading to irreversible operations that then put them into a high suicidality group. Even with endless support all around them, many kids eventually realize the mistake they have made and regret sets in, yet the consequences are not changeable. For those stories, you can find them on

Laura Lynn Rumble  Channel
Look What They Are Doing To Children Laura Lynn  Supreme Court Update on Father of  Trans Teen
Rachel Levine Transgender
Nominee for HHS In DC 
It Has to Stop They Are Ruining Children's Lives Mutilating their Bodies. It's Very Painful  ~Barbaric & Giving Them Hormones Therapy. See Videos Rand Paul grills HHS Nominee Rachel Levine over sex changes for kids. There is no way a minor can give permission to change their sex and a lot of these children can be autistic and as Paul mentions some are street kids. Some children in Vancouver are making decisions without their parents knowing,  like you saw a father in Vancouver in an interview with Laura Lynn. It's so sad to see this happening and more people need to know what's really going on. When the public understands these children can't make these decisions on their own without a parent's knowledge like what can occur in some of our schools in Canada.
Twitter Cancels Lauren Witzke For
Saying Pedophiles Are Demonic...
LGBTQ opens the door to pedophilia.
How long did it take to lock this down?

What is happening to our world ? They are trying to make
pedophilia normal and blaming the child for their perversions
Sick, Sick, Sick More: In Snopes own words " Brett Blomme was
arrested on suspicion of possession of child pornography
In March 2021 A Children's Court Judge 


Child sex offender banned from Drag Queen Storytime
Some of this is happening in schools and libraries and in
Canada as well, Drag Queen Hour. A registered child
sex offender has been reading to children at Houston
Public Library as part of its Drag Queen Storytime.

 This website warns humanity about the agenda for world domination. Please share it far and wide. "Children must have sexual partners"

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