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 There is one thing she was brought up with not to be prejudiced against anyone who was different and back then, men who were effeminate were called homosexuals.  As long as they don't go after children and that goes for anyone, Straight,  Gay,  White, Black,  Asians, all races leave the children alone.


Right now Cuties the Netflick movie 2021 is being slandered and the left are making excuses and blaming the right wing, it's pathetic and what is wrong with them? It Will Never Be Normal!!!  Exploitation of minors is wrong and stop trying to normalize it and saying it's a conspiracy theory. Go and Shut Them Down!

Picking up a thread from my last video, I examine Arizona in more detail. The shooting deaths of 3 former Senators who were investigating child trafficking tied to their states' Child Protection Services, the mob/mafia ties of some politicians, Merv Griffin, Donald Trump's work with the FBI in
Protester Sex Trafficking
Drag Queens

This is not right  parents taking their children to the Library for story time. This guy underneath would have scared the living daylights out of her seeing someone dress like that. Why on earth would parents take their children there? Even some drag queens have come out against this unfortunately there are perverts and where do they go? Where children are.


Why do the media want to make this more normal? A man with a beard dressed weird. If they want drag hour why can't they be like you see on tv and have to be vetted before ever being with children. 


He was a sex offender




Meghan Murphy

There are some disturbing videos of drag queens in libraries, twerking, being very inappropriate you can see these on the internet. They do not need to be exposed to this at such an early age and there are a lot of predators dressed in sheep's clothing. These mothers and some fathers taking their children at such an early age to see these drag queens at the library trying to be woke? Why on earth are they making this look normal? Trying to be inclusive, but you could be conditioning your children and putting them in harm's way and some bad situations.  As you can see the guy on the left at the top was fondling a child, so what else could go on. There may be some who are literally good people and are painted with the same brush and they should speak up and condemn those who are pedophiles. One thing she doesn't like why are they teaching sex-ed in kindergarten doesn't make sense.  When they are older, that she can understand  and what's the hurry she'd like to know? She found out it's coming from the World Health Origination and why is Trudeau going along with this she'd like to know?


This link doesn't work any more I wonder why

*Is this Normal to teach children 4 and under to masturbate and to Agree with This?
*They want to Normalize it~ She thinks it's Sick.
*Why do you Think they want to get to our Children at such an Early Age?
*They are trying to Brainwash our Children these Pedophiles. 
Drag Queen Hour

Why on earth can't mothers know what children are seeing and protect them, the world is going insane. It seems like the perverts are in charge 


Devon, England, August 7, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – A drag queen in the United Kingdom was caught on camera teaching small children at a library story hour how to perform the sexually-suggestive dance move called "twerking."

Canada Schools Brainwashing
Children With LGBT

Cowards! HDSB trustees run away when asked about Kayla Lemieux at board meeting 

79,721 views Sep 23, 2022 FULL REPORT by David Menzies: Rebel News' David Menzies attended a

Halton District School Board meeting to get insight into the situation

of a controversial teacher attending classes with massive fake breasts.

Sexualizing Children It Has
To Stop~ Drag Queens
Polly Says It So Well She Is
 Amazing A Great Video
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