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She knows exactly what Penny was saying. The other day she cried her eyes out. She become so overwhelmed with different feeling and felt out of control. Feeling the vibrations at night and not sleeping well didn’t help. She had to stop these thoughts coming into her head and turn it around to a positive, like she always did. She's always being guided and these videos appear and can relate to them,  confirming what she's feeling is true. A lot of this she already knew because she has an incredible imagination, she can create her own reality. Penny says it exactly how it should be told. , There’s more experiences she will go through and hopefully learning all that she can before leaving this earth. She's always learning and will never stop then going on to her next adventure learning more life lessons.  Amen 🙏🏽 


 Her Story Thinking Outside The Box. Her mother coming to her in her dream. She was never scared of what is happening knew the truth would come to fruition. 
It Would Be Revealed!

PENNEY PEIRCE: Awaken to Your Higher Self & a Higher Consciousness Frequency Transparency

She knows exactly what Penny was saying, she had to learn how to  live in this world and walking with this for many years. No education  couldn't read when she left school in the 60s. She walks now with her true authentic self. Bringing with it  her reality and a higher frequency. Beautiful elements into her studio and now her healing room.  She can't wait to share with you her surroundings. Beauty, Sounds, Smells, Taste, Serenity, Harmony, Peace & Love. Rainbow🌈, her baby doggie is a free soul and sent to her by her other little doggie Angel. She died in her arms, it was heart breaking.

Our Thoughts Do Change Things
For The Better, They Honestly Do. Look
how Water has Memory,  Fascinating 

 Her healing room all the beautiful elements bringing a higher frequency.  She can relate to this video when she came across Livestream with Solreta and  Jean-Claude Beyond Mystic. She already had info on water has memory. What a lovely young lady Solrats is. 💕🌈💫❤️🧡💛💚🦋💙💜

 Super Soldier Talk – Cynthia Crawford –
Star Seeds and Martial Law
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