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Too much recycling of the Soul/OverSoul leaves the Soul drained/dim/dull and leads to memory-lapses and collective memory fragmentation (Deja Vu/Mandela Effect) as well as chaotic and randomized energy flows reflected within today’s human psyche. It also causes a marriage divorce or a divide ➗ of Hierogamic union between the Soul and the Monad (Oversoul) causing them to not remember each other and not initiate electronic Keylontic communication hence blocking it allowing for further DNA scramblings, gene splicings, hybridization breeding programs and artificial inseminations or transhumanism (A.I) in our case. Currently the Human psyche is impure, filled with Shadow aspects of the Collective Unconscious and as Carl Jung once highlighted that if such aspects remain hidden the more they bottle-up, fortify, become darker and stronger. It’s okay to walk the path of darkness via Negativa as Saint John of the Cross and Saint Therese of Avalon once said but you must tread that path with your eyes being the light of body. Matthew 6:22 “If thy eye be single, thy body shall be full of light.” 


The sacred keys 🔑 to the kingdom of Heaven as well as God’s Supernal Attributes are: Love, Beauty, truth, trust, mercy, wisdom, reverence, forgiveness, order, creativity, Will-power, gratitude, ecstasy (not the drug 😂 lol), harmony, peace, Unity, joy, humility, faith, action, patience, inspiration and virtue according to Alan Watts. Only light can dispel the darkness and illuminate that which is hidden. So what’s the point of becoming darkness or “I AM” voidness without light? Recall that “I” is Ego and “We” is Unity. Remember everything else is an illusion except infinite LOVE. Love is real. Love is the physical expression and physical manifestation of Light photons. Love is the first and the last primal force Power filled with infinite possibilities and potential.

It’s the Core of everything and is the true Geomancy control code and Keylontic Force holding everything together in minute crystalline holographic blueprints of Keylonta codes (light symbol codes) using the Trion-Meajhon GOD-morphogenetic Orb Field and Partiki grids (scalar templates, tri-tone waves, electro-tonal light-sound frequencies and other ionic particulate sub-units of Consciousness and energy to hold pre-matter forms and translate their DNA into manifestation via deflection fields of the 12-point Ekasha Mer-ka-bah (Mer-ka-Na) from Ekasha-Aah Universe down-stepping from the (Yanas/ fully Ascended Masters {Eukathariasta Body) Palaidia Empire and Rishic Identity Energy Matrix of density 5: D15-D13 into density 4: D12-D10 Avatar-Maharic/Dolaric Identity station Matrix of Khundaras or Polarian– Cchaya Race (partially Ascended Masters): liquid-silica hydroplasmic light where densification occurs (Empirical Worlds of Maya) are born and downstepped in frequency to the Oversoul/Monad Teuric-Gaian ethereal Matrix of Hyperborean Issedones (D9-D7) via Partiki Phasing/Polarity Balance. Then from there descending into the Soul Taran/Doradic semi-ethereal Matrix of Lemuro-Atlantians (D6-D4) then finally to Incarnation-Tauren physical-flesh Matrix of Aryans or our current human race (D3-D1). Without love. Everything falls apart. See All as ONE and All will see you as ONE. Become ONE. 


Mitochondrial diseases are blocked packets of energy accumulated through lifetime ancestry and generations via inherited bloodlines. Since mitochondria is critical for cell function and energy metabolism as well as spiritual progression of the Soul-Monad. Mitochondrial diseases reduce effective overall ATP light energy production available for the body hence stunting consciousness energy and human development and adaptive capability to changing environments.


Thus the body ages, gets diseases faster due to oxidative stress and personal energy gets depleted and the mitochondrial instruction set gets programmed via alien machinery for further manipulation of neurological system functions via motor neurons within the brain stem and Medulla Oblongata (Decussation of the Pyramids) causing autism, neurodegeneration, neural disorders, mitochondrial defects and Apoptosis (controlled-programmed cell death).

Cell death started way long ago the moment “God” in Genesis in the Bible said: “My spirit shall not be with mankind for he is also human and so his days shall be a 120 years” What does this mean? Did God reduce our life span from Enoch’s longevity of 360 years or that of Methuselah of 969 years to a mere 70-80 years of life expectancy as time progressed? Not GOD-Source (Energy Matrix) but the semi-physical false king of tyranny we discussed in our previous blogs as the Holographic Demiurge called Yahweh-Jehovah or Azazel or Samael whatever demonic gorgon name you prefer to use. A dark Extraterrestrial being or Sirian-Annunaki hailing from either planet Nibiru within our solar system, Orion, Alpha Draconis outside our sol-system, Samjase-Pleiades in Taurus ♉ constellation or entirely from a different Galaxy or Universe part of the Bourgha-Musal-Ah-Lama, THE-tans and Metatronic Budhara Black-hole/Anti-Christ groups.


The rest to follow is only for the awakened ones (Buddhas or Bodhisattvas). Awaken

If you feel ready to ascend beyond the 7 chakras then use and chant out loudly all of the following Keylon Sound Tones (DNA Fire Letter Codes) each day and night during your meditation sessions for particle pulsation rhythm acceleration and Star Crystal Seal+Seed Crystal Seal activation: 1) a-Zur-Yan, 2) a-Sha-Yun, 2) a-Yan-Yuna and 4) a-Yon-A-Sa. This is the language of the Keylonta (light symbol codes) DNA called Anuhazi. Welcome to Keylontic Science my friend. You can now go research about Keylontic Science. But warning ⚠ this is only for advanced Souls who are ready to advance their Mer-ka-bah vehicles and unlock sacred Siddhi psionic abilities. Don’t force a premature flower to 🌸 blossom when it’s not ready otherwise you’ll destroy it. Consider DNA deterioration and mitochondrial dysfunction.

What this does is that if you already activated your dormant basic chakra centers like all 7 of them this will start opening the 8th, the 9th, the 10th energy vortices and so on as a sequence of 7. The next higher chakras also called Transpersonal chakras with the lower ones beneath your feet being called the Sub-personal chakras deal with events, histories and timelines outside the planet earth at stellar levels allowing Consciousness to travel in dreams to deep interstellar space, other planets, galaxies, Ecka-veca systems, Multiverses, Timelines and Matrices while aware within the Cosmic etheric Web of Ekasha-A-Spectre. As time progresses the Christos God-Seed Addondra 360 flame 🔥 Atom will be set ablaze and your gene expression and DNA will change and you’ll be more receptive for more light code downloads. It’ll happen at just the right time, at the right place and exactly in the right way.


When the humans were created other benevolent beings (Pleiadeian-Feline hybrids) intervened using wormholes and warp-speed technology to cross the time wall Plexiglas and bypass security codes of the Quarantine Firewall installed by Annunakene fallen angelic forces. Of the 19 human prototype hominids (Australopithecus, Homo habilis, homo erectus, Neanderthals, denisovans etc) that were created, only one primate species (either the homo erectus or homo Heidelbergensis) was chosen to be GOD or at least possess a piece of GOD.


That was Us! By imbuing the newly created homo sapiens (Cro-Magnon Man) from Annunaki DNA artificial admixture insemination with Mind (the “ManA”- SHIN/ Ka pre-light Trion orb Field), homo sapien sapiens were genetically created by Civil Engineer Scientist Annunaki Enki and Chief Medical Officer Annunaki Ninhursag and born by the civilized second “Eve” prototype or Titi and other Annunaki female surrogates. But Titi was human yet possessed a power of pro-creation. 

“Mind” as well as “logic” comes interdimensionally from the efforts of the Anupadaka Bhuddas, Oraphin Angelic lineages, some Arcturians, 5D Pleiadeian Aztaras, Andromedans and higher echelon Councils of the Eiyani Sirians (Azurline Palaidorians). The civilized human female known as the second “Eve” or Titi the wife of Adapu from the epic of Gilgamesh Sumerian tablets was gifted the fertility ability to reproduce by the genetic-civil engineer Enki of the Niburian Annunaki. This obviously caused war amongst Annunaki themselves (Enki vs Enlil and their offspring the Nephilim) as most groups didn’t want humans to emulate the gods nor be able to reproduce, achieve Self-Realization, GOD-Actualization nor regain their Angelic powers by “eating from the tree of Life 🌲” in the garden of Eden which is believed today to have been near Baalbek in Lebanon or Iraq. 

Humans were originally supposed to blindly follow Annunaki Protocol, Laws and instructions without question and obedience and remain sterile robotic slaves like the EBEN Androids until death. A similar situation to how governments in the world today expect humans to behave. As you might guess, not all humans complied. As time went by then, human lifespan would get shortened by the Annunaki to keep their seed limited especially when it comes to DNA potentials.

Refer to Genesis…… As we’ve said before. Current humanity has been reduced to only 2 strands, once the Covid-19 vaccines enter the bloodstream they shall scramble the rest of the “junk” 10 strand DNA as well as erase your ancestral knowledge and everything you have ever known and believed to be true. Government Officials of the Global 🌐 Affairs call it “The Great Reset” because they know that there’s a mass awakening going on right now amidst this pandemic.

If you think that the Annunaki are a myth of left ages ago then you are solely mistaken. Today, they take positions among world leaders and direct the world bending it to their Will as long as humans remain ignorant of what’s really going on. If humans keep on living as if everything is normal when in fact it’s not. Then the Tartarus pit (revelations…..) or Hell Titans of Doom and lords of Torment (Phantom Artificial Black-Hole Matrix) will be unleashed upon them, to drive them to extinction like the dinosaurs as scientists have been preaching this 6th Mass Extinction so many times now.


“ManU” is beyond comprehension. It is beyond gender and is beyond polarity or dual nature. Thus it uses a Tri-Veca morphogenetic field which is able to play the role of balancing the Bi-Veca morphogenetic fields or Crystal bodies which we’ll cover soon in the next blog. Through a process called Partiki Phasing, Ec expands and contracts or oscillates and vibrates or does a process of fission and fusion to create a Neutral Zero-Point Quantum Field or simply the Neutron particle as well as Anti-Neutron and Neutrinos. This contraction and expansion is what also secretly expands the Universe and Multiverse. This oscillation and vibration is what Causes Effects to occur and is responsible for restoring equilibrium in everything you can think of. However, miraculously at the same time “ManU” itself is the Causeless Cause. 


From chemical heat in hydrocarbon fuels in thermal equilibrium to kinetic energy in dynamic equilibrium to sacred geometry in Vector Equilibrium or Cuboctahedron to the balance between protons and electrons as the Neutron or between positive and negative energies as neutrality. Thus this primal field God Orb called Ec allows for a holographic flat 💿 disked shape of the Universe, positive curvature of space, negative curvature as well as the “fine-tuning problem”. Also Conservation of Energy and Momentum becomes possible by the pulling and pushing forces (Partiki Phasing) of Ec or up-stepping and down-stepping Cosmic electricity in ether (space) allowing the possibility of downloading cache and rendering metadata in the form of light codes (Keylonta), scalar waves and electrotonal sound codes or up-regulating and down-regulating DNA genes and chromosomes within carbon based lifeforms to change and evolve them gradually everyday into crystalline based lifeforms as the galaxy rotates on its axis together with its sol-systems and planets speeding up the cycle of time (Equinoxes).

Ascension Basics - Keylontic Science

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