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2012 First Fundraiser Irene's Pub

Is good to give back and in 2011 they did their first Maudes Fundraiser for Children at Risk downtown Ottawa. Good2Go, Michel's brother's Gilles band played that evening at Irene's pub. Raising money for a good course autism. 

Second Annual Fundraiser Zaphod's 2013 You Will See Jay their Beautiful Sister in Law in the Video.
Jay Passed in 2015

To the kindest most thoughtful loving person we have ever know our sister in law and auntie Jay. You brought so much happiness into this world and two fine young men that any mother would be proud of. 
We saw how much you were loved by your family and friends. Gilles your soul mate and the great love for each other.
You will be missed but never out if our hearts, now at peace with God's love our Heavenly Father. You are an angel of Love Caring and Happiness  because when we think of you this is what you brought to this earth and so much more. It was an honour and a privilege having you in our life as a friend and our son's auntie, he adored you loved your joyous fun loving heart.
Janice MANTHA Obituary
02-53 mins you will see Jay we are sitting together. She's a beautiful soul extremely kind hearted We Miss You Jay 

Learning Something From Her Experiences

In 2022 she was going through a very hard time, having her little Angel furry baby pass in her arms crying missing her. Like always she learns something from her experiences. My goodness she prayed and meditated for guidance that night. When she went on her emails that morning she was blown away. This email was looking right back at her. She knows it was there to remind her she had a mission and not to give up on her dreams as her mom would say. She couldn’t believe this was an old email going back many years ago. Her mum passed in 2007 she went through a difficult time back then. As always she turns it into a positive. Here's the email she saw and had a website back then helping others who were interested in knowing more about the drug free approach. Unfortunately she had a very bad experience and in a lot of pain and who does she trust? Took her website down that what happens she shuts down and can sabotage herself, pain can do that.  When a person isn't honest and upfront it can be devastating to an autistic person It's hard for them to comprehend how others act being highly sensitive to their environment.  Please don't muck them around by saying one thing and mean another. Unfortunately that's not life a lot of times and that's why it's hard living on this planet especially when there's low vibrations. This is why they have to find what will help them gto cope and survive.


Dear Marsha.


I would love for you to keep in touch with me.  I'm happy that our website has helped you in some way, that's the reason I put this website together so parents can see that even though our son was diagnosed he has done some amazing things. 


 We never gave up, it can be very difficult there are things we went through with our son that I didn't put on the website. Go with your intuition no one can love their child as much as a mother, I'm not saying fathers don't love their children it's just that bond with a mother and child.


 When you have a special needs child because of the stress unfortunately there are a lot of divorces. Also it's usually the mother that seeks the help for their child that's what I had to do. When no one would listen to me,  I took it into my own hands and went to Oregon, this was in 1992. When you carry your baby for nine months and you feel in your heart that something is wrong you will go to the ends of the earth. I know I did.


Do you go to the Asperger's support group? We will be going in January to talk to anyone who is interested in what we have been doing,  if you would like to phone me I would be very happy to talk with you. I know how hard it can be. Please take care, God only give us things that we can handle and makes us stronger. I have cried so many tears and with my mother who passed away not that long ago it been a sad time for me she told me don't ever give up on my dream and purpose in wanting to reach out and help others.  Doing what I'm doing is helping me to get through these sad times.  My faith and with God's love has always helped me through these heartfelt moments..


                                                 God Bless, Love

Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2007 5:49 PM
Subject: Asperger/ADHD son

> Hi, 
> I have just been to your website and have sat here with tears streaming
> down. My son was diagnosed as ADHD when he was four. It has only been
> since this summer that they are throwing around an Asperger or HFA diagnoses.
> The doctor wants to change him to the applied courses but I don't think this
> will help. He understand but has trouble with written (essays) work. Short  answer and multiple choice is fine. I want to thank you for putting this information out there. I hope you do not mind if I e-mail you more.
> Marsha



She felt all alone all those years ago even when she went to the Autism support group to share her story. No one seemed to want to listen about not giving drugs to these children. Why would they? Here in Canada it was given freely. She was so blessed knew in her being she was doing the right thing for her little boy. She did have mothers get in touch with her who wanted to take the drug free approach. She was happy to share that's what filled her heart with such joy to help others in similar situations. Even after article was in the

This is The Email She Saw

newspaper and doctors, psychiatrist and therapists got in touch with her and were interested in her story. When she got in touch with the ADD and Tourette's society they where quite indignant not interested at all in the success she was getting with her son taking the drug free approach. Found out why they are connected to big pharma. Why would they want to know how diet, detoxing and supplementing and other things can help. She really believes things are slowly changing because of the internet like minded soul supporting one another.

She Has Learned a lot More
Since She Made This Video 2011

She has written about a child being born into this world a Gift from God. How it affected the family seeing their child wasn't the same anymore. The struggles, the heartache, not knowing what was wrong but she never gave up in helping her beautiful son.  No one believed in what she was doing at first, she didn't care, she had the knowing the insight like her mother had done for her.  Even though the umbilical cord had been cut he would be part of her no matter what and she would never, never give up on him so help me God...... 

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