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    Well Kim Did It A Weekend With Lee And Z's  

What a fantastic weekend with Lee and Z's she recommends his courses to anyone who is spiritual and wants to learn more. Also wants to move forward with loving souls and Lee Harris is certainly one of them. Lee is such a giving person very genuine, non judgmental.  She liked in his the second session when he shares going mounting biking with a friend. His friend extremely athletic and gave him an electric bike to go up into the Rocky Mountains. He tells the story so eloquently and honestly and realized Lee lives in California. She could visualize what he was sharing and could relate how she would have felt but he did it! That's how she was feeling wanting to join Lee and Z's weekend March 23rd and 24th. She was hesitant at first she has never done anything like this before and shares this on her videos. 


The start of the session Lee with Z’s was absolutely beautiful and the music to dance to. There she was dancing around the room reminding her when she was a little girl dancing on my tippy toes wanting to be a ballerina.  She cried releasing some of her wounds and felt so free waving her arms back and forth swirling and twirling and swaying her hips back and forth there she was  laughing. Yes a butterfly spreading her wings coming out of her cocoon again. She felt alive she was so stifled when a child with such negative and also at school being put down, bullied felt worthless and riddled with fear. Having an uncle scaring her and seemed to have control over her.  All the different experiences and emotions that are locked away. As we know stress and pain and for her migraines can trigger them. It's even harder as she matures having her long term memory getting better but she pushes through, never stays there for long. 


 Her feeling of insecurities when growing up in Great Britain from a working class family five years after the Second World War. Lee says it so well about love that why she connected to his energy so pure and amazing all positive and as he says.  The light and the love he possesses he is truly an old soul. She believes this it's the last time for him coming to this galaxy.  To teach the human race grâce, patience and most of all love 💕💕💕💕


 Kim wanted to do this weekend with Lee and Z's but would her nervous system take over like it usually does and get in the way, having learning difficulties. Being laughed at school because she couldn't read. You know what she just did it and so proud she did, loved every minute with Lee and Z's listening and taking it all in. Has never done anything online like this before and has no idea how the internet works. She's not on social media and feels she is being guided and putting herself out there. Hoping she can help others who may have this syndrome could have been misdiagnosed or not realizing they have AURA. To have the grace and support system from the universe and others beautiful souls who have been through their own trauma.


She loves the words Lee says and believes it too; you came here to give,  you came here to learn, you came here to evolve, and you came here for now, if any of those sentences crackled for you.  Her mission has always been love 💕The end of Saturday's session with Lee and Z's and the video at the end Transmission was magnificent.  The words are so true in Lee’s music video🎶 She’s all about love and has she said at the beginning  from being a little girl dancing on her tippy toes she would swirl and swirl, a happy little camper wanting to be a ballerina and have friends. She will never get old has a child like mind and mentality, loves to play. We do go back in times like a circle, she wrote this in one of her poems. Coming on this planet learning her life lessons and yes very difficult a lot of the times but it makes you stronger and wiser if you learn from them.


Enjoyed every minute of Lee with Z’s first weekend session from the start to the finish. Can't wait for tomorrow what will come up. It's all about a positive energy field and especially for us Light Workers.  Bringing our vibes to a higher frequency and when others follow with love in their hearts instead of fear. It will happen when more and more will bring this magnificent evolution of *Freedom *Love *Peace *Light making this world a better place.

    Second Day  Weekend With Lee And Z's  

The second day was wonderful as the first she meditated again got herself ready put a little make up on making herself feel pretty. Lee shares some comments and messages sent from beautiful  souls in his Portal community. She wanted to send a message but wasn't ready yet and taking small steps. Lee did mentioned releasing old wounds you can become exhausted, this did happen to her being extremely sensitive and it was a full moon the next day. Didn't sleep well that night before and felt tired but enjoyed every minute of all that she heard. She will go back and listen again as Lee said every time you do this you can see it in a different light and learn more. She was too tired to tape the last video she wanted to sleep. Will put one up soon sharing her experience with Lee and Z's. 

At the beginning and end of each session Lee played one of his peaceful beautiful music videos  from Transmission here is one of them from his album. He talks about joy and love he shows in a lot of this videos Swans. Her mother would tell her the story of the ugly duckling growing into a beautiful swan. You know what? she was right you never know where your life may go. It's been a very interesting and fascinating journey so far and never ending. For her she has no idea where it will take her learning all the time meeting wonderful souls. Light Workers and many Star🌟 Seed, Brother's and Sister's 

Sending *Love *Peace *Light & Many *Blessing 

      Weekend With Lee And Z's  3 Day's Later 

Kim was very tired and needed to rest for a few days after the weekend with Lee and Z's. She had mentioned being a full moon and how if her affects being sensitive to her environment. As you will see if you read her words she shares on her website. Came on this Galaxy April 1950 will be in 2024 74. She's learned what she needs to do to keep herself balanced. It's not always easy and has gotten  upset and angry sometimes we are all human doing our very best. As long as you are truthful with yourself you will learn what will help you. She isn't going to engage in negativity the only person it will hurt is yourself. She isn't on social media she does what makes her happy. As she said in this video she gone to the 5D she likes it there better it's all about love and excepting. It took her a while and she will have her off days. For her when she understood them she knew how to handle the days she felt drained in the best possible way for her.  Everyone has to do what works for them we are individuals doing our best. 

Found this other video of Alex Ferrari Next Level of Soul with Lee Harris and Z's. Great information and she can connect to their frequency. It feels good  knowing how to put her videos up having her voice heard and hopes you enjoy what she shares. She's being her true authentic self she doesn't know any other to do it..

The Z's CHANNELED Message to All Mankind! This Will CHANGE You Forever | Lee Harris

She didn't know which video to put up so she put both of them up 

Good Friday her family is coming over they can't wait to see them. It's a happy time their niece is having a baby which is wonderful another beautiful soul coming to their family. As she says they choose their parents and want to come here.  Kim shares where she stood with her son when a little boy and going through many stresses and couldn't understand why all these things were happening. She was very blessed and went with her intuition not everyone agreed with want she was doing. It didn't make any difference she was going to make sure he was going to be ok and took the natural way. This was her life path everyone has to do what they feel is best for them. She doesn't like being told what to do and took her son to the States in 1992

and never regretted her decision. It put them on the the road to good health. It wasn't always easy they have had their ups and downs. In 2000 she learned Reiki it was the best experience for her brought this beautiful light of positive energyheightening her frequency, it was amazing. Before this she was told about this lady from her client she had left her job working for the government, it was a calling and she learned Reiki. More of the story here. Kim made a meditation tape for her son  and would put it on when he went to bed. She still has that mother and son's Loving Touch meditation and her son put it on a CD for her. She just started listening to it again very relaxing and is trying to figure out how she can put it on her website. 

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