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Kim's Philosophy

One of  Kim's passions is designing  her home creating a beautiful healthy environment for herself, family and friends  It’s important for her to be in a beautiful, loving and caring friendly atmosphere that lifts her spirits with positive energy so it inspires her to be a better, happier and more productive person. She was taught at a very early age to treat others how she would like to be treated but not to be taken advantage of, stand up for what you believe in, that's what she has been able to do.  One thing she cannot tolerate lying, being deceitful, not telling the truth that upsets her. It's very important to be honest and authentic and for others to do their own research in these times of uncertainty and who do you believe? She uses her common sense, intuition, meditation and prayer for guidance.


Health &  Wellbeing Giving Back 

Good health and well being is one of the most important things in life. If you don't have peace of mind she knows too well  you can't be the person you want to be. She doesn't take her health for granted and wants to look and feel her best.  The most  important  thing is to love and look after ourselves. So you can be there for the people you love. We all grow, we never stay  the same. God's love, her Spirituality, Faith, Prayer and Meditation has helped her through the difficult times. 


She Celebrate Life and She's* Happier* Stronger  Because  of  Her Experiences.    

                              In Mind * Body * Spirit
                                 & Most of All Love



Her & Her Beautiful Mom 

Taking  this journey the drug free approach in 1992 to help their child and very blessed they did. She's not a doctor but is an empath and a mother who's lived with this syndrome Asperger's all her life. She likes to call her syndrome Aura. She's also Dyslexic* You can also suffer with other modalities, be Highly Sensitive to your Environment. Can be misdiagnosed being a female. Why? You learn to mask as she had put in one of  her videos 2012. They were on YouTube but 4 were taken down. Thank goodness they were saved on Vimeo. 

When she created these videos there was nothing like hers out there. It was mostly to do with males and the only other information she could find on females was Temple Grandin, a wonderful brilliant woman. She was nothing like her, except she thought in pictures and being creative thinking everyone could visualize like her. Her videos were shown at the women's Asperger's support group in 2012.  Vimeo Angel Butterflywings  

There are many who have no idea they are on the autism spectrum and could have Asperger's, and been diagnosed with ADD.  The Asperger's gene is more dominate on the father's side.  If you do suffer with this disorder it can be overwhelming, exhausting and full of anxiety trying to fit in. Living with this syndrome it's extremely necessary to take care of yourself  In *Mind *Body *Spirit & Soul. Needing positive energy to lift you up to a higher vibration. Have to have a purpose in life cannot be ideal will make you depressed and perhaps angry sometimes. Also to find natural and pure products that have been clinically tested and studied. Like AminoSerene especially formulated for High Sensitive People like herself. The right organic CB2 hemp seed oils with Omega 3 and 6 and the Wellness for pain. Very important to keep your brain active in something you enjoy. This is why you need the right combination she has been able to find and now sharing with like minded souls. 


Negativity and stress will make you ill being so sensitive to your environment. For herself she cannot take antidepressant medication she doesn't do well on them and for many can put weight on. It's not getting to the rough course especially when trying to keep her body toxin free, which very hard these days. This is their story, her life path, we are all individuals trying our very best for ourselves and family. Everyone has to do what works for them,  she needed to find products that are pure, tested and studied and can detox, they found this with Health Evolution and Cannanda a Canadian company in Toronto. She has been corresponding with Dr. Lee for a while, both Angela Wright who formulated the Health Evolution supplements and Dr. Lee who formulated the CB2 oils they are wonderful souls empaths like herself. She's happy she found these health solution as she did many years ago.  She hopes you will be able to do the same for yourself* family and loved ones. They also use Shaklee's GetClean and some of their other products. 

Put This Video Together in 2011 with Her Son's Help

She no longer has the website drugfree Maudes. She went through a horrible experience in a lot of pain *physically *mentally *emotionally.  She was born with Pectus excavatum her sternum compressing on her lung and heart capacity, when the condition is severe, causing fatigue, shortness of breath, chest pain, and a fast heartbeat. She remembers having difficulty trying to get her breath when running and pains in her chest. She had her first operation in 1972 very painful had her sternum broken and turned around and a metal bar put inside her for six months. She had another problem which was more concerning to her being a young girl. Did have that corrected and several more operations through the years some were good and some were not.


What she went through she didn't know who to trust and shutdown. It was one of the most difficult places to be and wanted to sue had to let clients go while she was going though this devastating experience.  Having to take pain medication that didn't help. It was too, too stressful trying to sue here in Canada it would have been overwhelming for her sensitive soul. She had to move forward like she always does experiencing these feeling making her stronger. Learning to let go of her ego which was very hard at the time. She knew she  had to for her well being making her a better person.  As usual she bounced back that's why she call her syndrome AURA  Always Unique Resilient Authentic. She never blames you hope you learn from your experiences and has always found the help she needed. With prayer,  faith,  meditation and never giving up hope even though she felt like it sometimes. Life goes on AMEN!!!  

A video her son put together when she was 64 such a lot
has happened since then as I'm sure it has for you too


Her Words from the End of
The Video Forever Young
Was Taken down by YouTube.
 In 2014 she was 64 she definitely does take her health for

granted  likes to feel beautiful and loved, but the

most important thing is to love and look after ourselves.

This was a lesson she learned, we all grow we never stay

the same. She celebrated life, she is wiser, happier and

stronger because of her experiences. It’s friendship,

Sharing, Caring, becoming successful

by lifting our spirits to be the best we can be.

She nurtures her body by taking good care in

Mind, Body, Spirt, Soul & Most of All Love

Mar 2023 Taped This Videos Then Oct 2023

You Can See The Difference in Her Hair 

     Can Stress Damage Our Cells? Yes They Can


Stress can do terrible things to the body and soul. She had been sick and going through a very stressful time.  Her hair had fallen out, had alopecia at the back in small patches, very upsetting for a hairstylist. She knew it would grow back and hasn't coloured her hair yet. Need to find the right products clinically studies and tested with the YTE. The only company with the rights to put the Young Tissue Extract  in their supplements is Health Evolution. You will see how her hair has grown back in the second video. She added CB2 Organic Hemp Oil  they work wonderful together.  Her Story The Shaman and The Eagles Feather 

     Mar 18th  2023                                               Oct 20th   2023                 

We Donate the Money to Autism


We Use*Share*Sell These Health Products

Kim & Michel


We would be happy to answer any of your questions. To get in touch please email

We bring in the Health Evolution from the US  we  take, share and sell their supplements here in Ottawa. They work wonderfully together with the Cannanda  CB2 organic oil. Both clinically tested studied and pure we are extremely happy with the results like years ago on supplements I came across when praying for help for our son. I was very active in getting this information out in 1997 how we helped our son taking the drug free approach. It wasn't easy I cried a lot what was amazing what my son said to me that changed everything. I had an article in the newspaper and had doctors, psychiatrists therapists  getting in touch wanting to know more. I also had a lady read the newspaper article at Queens Park. The whole story is here The Shaman and The Eagle's Feather. 

The Health Evolution supplements with YTE they work well together with the CB2 Organic Oil. Buy from The Secret Garden Hair

Studio, you can also order Health Evolution online. Receive 10%

off using my promo code Kim More information Here 

MY CANNANDA WEBSITE 10% OFF   go to this link

If you go to their website use Promo Code KIM-SIMM 


Health Evolution Supplements 

Health Evolution Supplements

AminoSerene* AninoBooster * TeloMind with the exclusive rights to YTE around the world in their supplements.  Their Amino B12 is now called  AminoSerene. Angela formulated this supplement especially for Highly Sensitive People like myself.  More info here Health Evolution where it all began  Our Story 


Angela Wright MBE


On a simpler note, it’s a fact that supplements including vitamins, minerals, botanicals, probiotics and prebiotics vary hugely in quality.

Working with biochemists, I uncovered that most people are duped by the ingredients in even expensive supplements.

I don’t believe that’s right.

It’s time for transparency in terms of

  • pure ingredients

  • in the freshest, most natural forms

  • at the correct combinations

  • using the right dose referred to in clinical trials and tests.

Most supplement manufacturers do not disclose the quantity, source or quality of the ingredients. That can’t be right. Only a tiny handful take every precaution including inspection and testing of source product, properly accredited manufacturing, random testing and certification. It’s time you knew how to identify what will really benefit you. I believe you’ll be shocked, surprised and even angry when you discover why you’ve been so unwell.

Angela MBE Cofounder of Health Evolution searched the world to find help having a friend and family member committing suicide. She found in Norway Young Tissue Extract and started her company has the exclusive rights no other company has the YTE. She formulating these wonderful supplements one especially for Highly Sensitive People like myself  AminoSerene.  We also takes some of her other supplements they go well with the Organic CB2. It's been a blessing having Dr. Lee and Angela coming into our lives, we needed all the help we could render.


Health Evolution has the YTE, amino acids minerals and vitamins so it's a win-win for us.  


Both These Health Products Have Helped  Our Family


Dr. Lee Know 

I have wanted to help other sharing our story taking the drug free approach. Now we have these two wonderful souls; Angela Wright MBE and Dr. Lee Know a licensed naturopathic doctor and the recipient of several awards. Known by his peers to be a strategic and forward-thinking entrepreneur and researcher, he has held positions as medical advisor, scientific evaluator, and director of research and development for major organizations. Besides managing Scientific Affairs for Cannanda, he also has serves as a consultant to the natural-health-products and dietary-supplements industries, on the editorial advisory board for Canada's most-read natural health magazine as well as the medical review board of one of the world’s largest natural health website. He's the author of the best-selling book, Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine: The Key to Understanding Disease, Chronic Illness, Aging, and Life Itself 

Better Than CBD

In recent times, people have been choosing CB2 Oil to provide relief rather than hemp oil or CBD Oil. The question is: Why is CB2 better than CBD? 

Occasionally, people tend to assume CB2 oil and CBD oil are the same products. This false assumption is due to the fact that they both target the same system in the body, the endocannabinoid system. CBD oil is directly obtained from the leaves, stalks, and flowers of the Hemp plant. At the same time, CB2 oil is a blend of terpenes which are technically the essential oils from hemp and other plants. “For our products, we extract these terpenes from non-



CB2 Organic Oil better than CBD. The Health Evolution supplements with YTE they work well together. Both Clinically studied, tested and pure. You can buy them at our Secret Garden Hair Studio here in Ottawa or order online receive 10% off more information Cannanda

Organic CB2 Oil and Wellness Testimonials 

 Her Journey All Started In

The 90s Helping Her Son

190710.2 Quality Control v1.jpg
Shaklee Website    ID#DB72479

In 1992 she was introduced to SHAKLEE by Shirley Lennox if you go to this page and scroll down you will see info about this beautiful soul. She passed this year 2023. This lady was the one who told Kim about Dr Brouse and went to his clinic in the States with her son. She doesn't know how she did it but her intuition was so strong could not stand another day seeing her child suffering. She had to help him no matter what. No one at the time was doing what she was doing here in Canada that she knew of, this was all those years ago.

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