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I have to share this with you I always knew Rainbow 🌈 was special and Angel my other little doggie sent her to me. We found out after taking her for a checkup and blood work done before getting our two furry babies spayed. Her vulva looked swollen and a tiny red ball was sticking out. We had to go home with some meds and probiotics and to take her back the following week. She hates the car her anxiety goes way up like the first there and back. While we were there cried all the time. Very stressful listening to her trying to calm her down for an hour and fifteen mins.


Her problem hadn’t gotten any better and were told it looked like she could be a Hermaphrodite meaning she has both genders. She does have the cuties personality, very smart and full of energy. The vet wanted to take an x-ray to see if she had a bone inside her vulva that meant she had a penis. Rainbow 🌈 being anxious, barking and wouldn’t keep still there was no way the x-ray's could be taken. We had to go back the next day.


We were sent home this time with a pill to give her at in the morning then two other meds at 11 to calm her down. We had an appointment at 12 Noon. Unfortunately she became very antsy she knew she was going back to the vets. When we got her in the car she went ballistic, barking extremely loud it was hard to hold her she was so strong. I said to my husband turn around, the vet will not be able to take any x-rays. The reason I hold her there is no way we can get her in a carrier and before we went. I and trying to keep her calm.


My husband and I had discussed this and felt it would be better not to have her fixed. Her first period there was no blood her second one very little. She would have to go to a specialist and it would be traumatizing for her to get operated on. She’s been through enough and was told it wouldn’t help her anxiety.  It's more psychological for Rainbow and her anxiety got worse when we had to take her to emergency and was in the animal hospital for 3 nights and 4 days. She ate 2 raisins story here.  Fun and games thank goodness my family are on these good supplements 




Bella Meeting Rainbow🌈  For The Frist Time

Kim googled to find out about dogs who had this condition Hermaphrodite there wasn’t too much information, it very rare. She found 3 videos and the dogs were operated on. When they had to wake Rainbow 🌈 up to give her meds at She couldn’t go back to sleep and prayed and meditated for answers. She went on my iPad and  was able to find a story about Rosie the pug. There’s a pic of her vulva and looks just like what Rainbow 🌈has and Rosie wasn’t operated on. Her intuition was right that validated they were doing the right thing for them. 

Rainbow's blood work came back she health and strong no illness. She isn’t in pain we love her no matter what. 💕🙏🏽 They will keep an eye on her if she does have any problems they will let their vet know and go from there


Here's Rosie's Story 
The Little Pug


Pug pup is one in a million: She’s a boy and a girl

A PET owner has spoken of her shock after her female pug sprouted a PENIS and was identified as a one-in-a-million hermaphrodite.

Sadie Beardshaw, 22, took Rosie to the vet after discovering a lump when the pup was four months old. But she was amazed to be told the growth was a penis - and that the dog had both male and female genitalia. he chances of a pup being a hermaphrodite are one in a million and Miss Beardshaw is still not sure if Rosie could become a mother or a father. Care assistant Miss Beardshaw said: “I could not believe it when the vet turned around and said Rosie had a penis. “The vet said he's never seen anything like it before and took her around to show all the nurses in the clinic.” Miss Beardshaw says that the vet told her to monitor her development but believes she is more female than male given the positioning of the penis. She added: “We're going to stick with the name Rosie and bring her up as a female but I guess that could change in time. She could always become a Ricky later in life.

“Miss Beardshaw and her boyfriend Craig Howard, 29, a kitchen fitter, wanted to get a pet for the home they share together in Beverley, East Yorkshire. In August they were looking online and saw a litter of pugs for sale nearby. She said: “We'd been wanting to get a pug for a long time. “Originally we wanted a light coloured boy, but instead we chose a black girl in the end.” But by November they began to notice a growth near her genitals. Fearing it could be a sign of an illness, Miss Beardshaw mentioned her worries to a veterinary nurse. She recalled: “The nurse told me immediately that it was an abnormal growth, and that we should come in right away. “We thought it might be a tumour or a lump, it was scary..“ But when they returned for a vet consultation they knew straight away it was a penis. Speaking of the moment she heard the news, Miss Beardshaw said: “At first I thought there has to have been some kind of mistake. “But then the vet explained that our pug had male and female genitals - and was essentially both genders. “I've never heard of a hermaphrodite dog before - we couldn't believe it. It certainly confirmed our belief that our pooch was one in a million.” Vets say that the dog's life won't be different in any way - other than it affecting whether Rosie, now six months old, can be a mother. But Miss Beardshaw is not bothered as she has no intention of breeding her. “We absolutely love Rosie still,” she said, “She is perfect in every way.” 

Rainbow🌈 did Not Like Bows In Her Hair


Rainbow pees like a female and if she is a hermaphrodite I read they can have a discharge she doesn't have any she has never humped even if she has both genders we love her and as long as she doesn't have any problems in this area. We will keep an eye on her and in the mean time keep her the way she is. I remember trying to put bows in her hair she wasn't having any of that. You can see in this photo Rainbow isn't happy and I stopped I didn't want to upset her.

Thinking I would be able to take her out in a kangaroo sweater I bought especially for her. She was going to be my therapy little doggie. No way she was too energetic a jumper like her mother is athletic.  Rainbow wanted to feel free no frilly dresses for me mommy. This dress the lady we got her from gave this dress for her thinking she was going to be a little princess. 

This is the picture I took to show the lady she looked more like super hero doggie than a princess. My husband called her Rambo. She's quite a character, full of beans, a quirky personality. As my dear old mom from Lancaster Manchester would say "she's full of piss and vinegar" a Northern saying I think. I have said she's my special needs little doggie. This wasn’t a surprise for me I have always through she was a very unique, my Angel my other precious furry baby when she passed in my arms I asked her to send me another little doggie to love and look after and she sure did. Learning more lessons along the way.


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