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This Is Another Reason Why She Likes David
He's a Brit ~He's  Phenomenal and
Outstanding In  His Knowledge~  
His Awareness To Detail Is Amazing
She's Interested In The Unknown 
Saturn Isn't What You Think It Is 


 Thinking Outside The Box 

She's Willing To Receive


Being Opened Minded


Receiving Knowledge 

She Thinks Outside the Box


Wanting to know more about the Freemasons having her grandfather on her father's side of the family, she was told he was a Grand Poobha in this secret society in Scotland. Her Scottish grandmother was very stern indeed and walked for women's rights. A peculiar strange person and when first time meeting her grandmother she didn't like her one little bit. She told her so "I don't like you" and her mother had to intervene and she did as she was told.  Writing her novel and coming across all this information was quite intriguing and being curious she had to learn more details about this Freemasonry, knowing her grandfather was high up in this organization. Also her scary uncle was a Freemason as well.  Had no idea what status he achieved, all she knew was he was a cruel individual.


This was fascinating listening to David Icke's video explaining the symbol of Saturn. He talks about symbolism and the dark side of Saturn and the sun we know of today was not the sun they worshipped back in ancient times. Listening to David she wanted to understand these men in this secret society and their special handshake. Finding out a lot of politicians and people in high places judges, lawyers, doctors, businessmen and the ones who run corporations there are so many who  become Freemasons, it's a club. Now it all depends what level you go up to and then it can become evil...Why? All those rituals it's quite sickening it's a cult, who would believe this? She had no idea and it has been going on for centuries all over the world. Watching videos it certainly wasn't pleasant what she was learning in fact it was damn right shocking and scary but she wasn't going to stop, she was putting the dots together about both sides of her family.


On her mother's side of the family they were a lot different than her dad's, she loved staying in Manchester with her grandma and grandpa. They were all psychic and her auntie a clairvoyant with some special gifts, she was extremely good at her craft. They shared many a story of long ago about their psychic abilities and would scare this young sensitive autistic girl. She didn't understand at the time because of the things that happened to her caused her to shutdown and stopped her back then of becoming who she needed to be. Now she was able to learn as much as she could and no one could stop or silence her being a free spirit and thinker. She wasn't going to obey when it didn't make sense. All this political correctness, shutting down free speech and people's freedom, these tyrants at the top of the pyramid wanting to take control. She wasn't going to let that evolve having men in sheep's clothing taking power over her, never, never again will that happen. Going through all her experiences that gave her courage and was blessed with a curious mind, it's a wonderful gift to have.  You don't take things at face value  you investigate seek out for the moral goodness, it's an obligation you have to do the right thing without being frightened into submission like when she was young. Her subconscious, the voice in her head and deep in her soul guiding her, knowing the truth and slowly it will be revealed. Writing her novels has helped her in many ways to understand herself better and now not consumed with anxiety anymore. It is an Awakening, bringing like minded souls together and she learned to love her true authentic self, having  AURA 💕.

Aquarius The Age of Evil  Part 1 


Such a sensitive young child, an antenna picking up energy near and wide and the atmosphere around her. It was overwhelming; too much negativity, a father who couldn’t show his love, she learned later it wasn't his fault. Her uncle terrifying her, being bullied at school, a cousin a lot older than her when staying with her family, molesting her at five years old. It didn't help her brother tormenting but that's what younger brothers can do. Her father promising she was going to have a baby sister and then her brother came along. This was confusing and she said to send him back she didn't want him. Parents don't realize what they say and tell their children can affect them.  Not having any really good male role models only her grandpa but he lived in Manchester and she didn't see him very often. A lost little soul, not wanting to be seen, a child who couldn’t learn, having difficulties, finding out she was  dyslexic. In a bubble and a world of her own and stress can do that to a child shut them down. This is what happened to her after her brother was born. They never knew of these disorders, children like her were looked upon as being dumb, not getting the help they really needed and especially if you were a child from a working class family. She was born with a deformity and that's why she would get pain in her chest, couldn't get her breath when running. When starting school wearing glasses with a band aid over her right frame because of her stigmatism, she looked hideous and couldn't see the blackboard that didn't help her situation. Then later braces because of protruding teeth, being working class you didn't see children with braces. She did look like an alien from a different planet, anyway that's how she felt. She was half way up there and preferred it that way. Her connected to the clouds on another hemisphere .

In Dec of 2021 learning and finding out she definitely was an empath and she thought it was because of her syndrome high functioning autism. Now this all started to made sense. Extremely interesting in what she had discovered from this psychiatrist Dr. Judith Orloff. This doctor working  in the medical field and she shared her story in her interviews and books she had written. Dr. Orloff explains how she could understand and connected to her highly sensitive patients. The reason why? she was empath and felt their sensitive souls and this is why she wrote books on this subject. Listening to all this information, she thought could this doctor be autistic? The reason why many female where never diagnosed and are some of her patients autistic as well? When you listen to David Attwood there were some similarities to high functioning autism.  Just a feeling and not everyone is.  As Attwood said they make great doctors,  psychologists  and psychiatrists the reason why this is? They have empathy knowing how it feels to be highly sensitive to their environment and feeling everything intensely and can be overwhelming and learning coping skills. As  Dr. Judith Orlofff said in one of her interviews she felt like an alien and she has wrote about this and that's how she has always felt. You know what it doesn't matter we are all here trying to fit in the best way possible. 

          The positive she was very blessed God was there to help this young autistic girl and having a mother like hers was also a blessing. She had an incredible imagination, an artistic flair; using her intuition and inner wisdom to get through the difficult times and never blamed. What happens if you do? You will never learn from your mistakes, her life lessons and experiences she had to go through and in silence most of the times, not understanding what happened to her. They were there to teach her and give her strength. It gave her character, her happy disposition and her personality started to shine through. She learned being on this earth to bush through and as she got older to hide her insecurities with her bubbly personality, no one else can do it for her. It will make you stronger and hope wiser and not to follow like a sheep. She looks back and had two amazing women that she didn’t understand at the time, they had such an influence on her life. Both full of knowledge and having the knowing way back when. Being psychic her mom would say if you can't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. She and her twin sister were into astrology, the planets and interested in horoscopes.  She had no idea of their great gifts they had, especially her auntie a Tasseographer, a tea-leaf reader, extremely talented. She had many clients coming to see her where she lived in a small village and became friends with a gay gentleman. He was a client, they had a lot in common and very flamboyant and the owned a  small antique shop in the high street. The unknown did scare her because of the experiences she endured. When having to stay with her auntie in 1976 before coming to Canada it was definitely something she will never forget.


She had been searching and trying to understand the message her mother had sent her in this incredible dream after she passed in 2007 when she said “mom will I be with you one day”. There were two words she said so clearly and imprinted on her mind but not understanding one of them, now wide eyed and staring at the ceiling, an awakening within. Confused and in such a trance because she actually had been physically with her mother and she had come to give her this message. She will not go into all the details that’s in her novel, she was led to this one website all about energy, orbs, info on Atlantis the lost city  and so much more. This made her a bigger believer in God's love the energy within us and the unknown. She had experienced some of these amazing powers and gifts she didn't know was even possible and her intuition became stronger. The reason why she believed in what she was doing after learning Reiki it was enlightening and now taking on this other journey. 

She had gone through some very bad experiences causing pain and many migraines. This started when she turned sixty and a domino affect, one thing after another, piling on top of each other. It was daunting and eventually affected her physically, mentally, emotionally, suffering terrible anxiety and stopped driving, traveling and cutting herself off from going out and socializing. This can happen because if you have suffered from childhood trauma or any other traumatic experience and stress comes into you life, it can shut you down doing terrible things to your psyche.  Being blessed and having a strong will and that resilience got her through the difficult times. Having God's love , faith, praying  and meditating gave her strength to never give up on trying to find solutions. Slowly she started  seeing improvements, having better days. This had stopped her moving forward second guessing herself. She has to be honest still happens sometimes if she feels she isn't getting the support she needed.


This is weird, she kept telling her husband when she turned seventy things were going to change, she just felt it in her being. She turned seventy in April 2020 that's when the pandemic was starting. Had no idea all this would be happening but you know what? Her anxiety went away, stopped just like that and she wasn't second guessing herself anymore. She had no more fear and it felt incredible... did she have the knowing? Her antenna picking up all this energy and felt the elements were shifting and her subconscious was telling her; like many times before being so sensitive to her environment? It took her on this journey and writing her feelings seeing like minded people they were all coming together. There was still lots to learn and would she find the answers she had been looking for? This had to be An Awakening what else could it be? 


 Amazing knowledge of the unknown, born in England, a former footballer and  sports broadcaster. An author has written  many books and has become famous for  his insight because the truth has come to  fruition and no one is laughing anymore  

Icke talks about Aquarius in his video Christmas Star Alignment and the Sixties the time she was growing up in London and started working in 1965. The age of Aquarius the song came out in 1969 and the musical 1968. That’s why she says on her website knowledge is power and having the knowing it’s in her DNA, our ancestry. You have no fear when you know the truth The Window Of  The Soul Never Lies . Amen


Saturn Is Back In Aquarius After 26
— & Bringing Change Along With It


 1968 a great story going to see the musical 
 when it first opened at the Shaftesbury Theatre 
 in London on September 27 with her
boyfriend at the time

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