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There's Proves What You Think~
& Prayer Can Manifest
Into Some Beautiful


I have my little Rainbow 🌈  with us we picked her up Saturday April 30th, we were able to go sooner and bring her home. I think the lady was falling in love with her and knew if she kept her any longer she wouldn’t be able to part with her. She’s nearly 1.lbs light as a feather and 2 1/2 months old. She’ll most likely be 3.lbs when fully grown. A very small little doggie indeed and that’s what I wanted. She is a princess and the lady gave me two adorable very cute dresses this is one of them. 




it will take a while for Bella to feel more Comfortable with her. She is protective towards Rainbow 🌈 and got upset when she got too boisterous and she barked, telling her off, she shouldn’t do that. We took them for a walk in the park Sunday she was a big hit with everyone we met and Bella got a lot of attention too.










She didn’t know there were sweaters like these called Kangaroo sweatshirts and bought one, she love it and so does Rainbow 🌈. She’s such a cuddly and affectionate baby doggie and she sleeps well through the night with me. The first night I woke up a couple of times to check on her. The second night I woke up and there was little Rainbow 🌈 curled up on my neck and chest. I held her for a while then put her on her blanket. A couple of hours later there she was again curled up on my neck sound asleep. I did disturb her she lifted her head then went straight back into slumber land. I didn’t go back into dream land I was wide awake by now. I was smiling she is so gorgeous with a beautiful soul. I thanked my sweetheart Angel for her sending her to me. Rainbow 🌈 she is perfect 😍 just what I needed to warm my heart again. 


When I meditate she snuggles right into my neck and she gives me kisses. She’s more like a kitten and loves to jump, the husband of the lady breeder said her mother was quite athletic and looks like she takes after her. Rainbow 🌈  amazed us when she went flying in the air jumping off the couch it was about 4ft and jumping on to the carpet. She must have been a cat in another life. I was worried she might have hurt herself, she was fine. She is strong willed and we will have to keep an eye on her all the time. She is a frisky little thing and Michel calls Rainbow 🌈Rambo when she’s very active. Her running around and chasing after Bella and being mischievous like all puppies are supposed to be.This is funny her jumping

around in her playpen

Then we found out what she 

was doing it was hilarious 😆  


Have a look……….


Rainbow 🌈 has been crying she misses her mommy and her sisters and brother, she was used to wrestling with them. It takes a while to adjust but so far it’s been really good just some sleepless nights. I am sleep deprived and the hardest part getting her sooner she hasn’t been completely toilet trained yet. She’s catching on, she’s very smart little doggie. We have to be with her every minute and always praising her and giving her treats when she does her pees and poos on the pee pee paper. 


Rainbow 🌈  zoned out meditating 🧘‍♀️ How awesome to be a little doggie 




Hope you like the update she is a cutie pie and is fitting in great with the family. I hope all the pics and videos came out. Positive energy is wonderful and pets can do that bring so much love 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 the same as if you are blessed to have grandchildren.

Love 💕 Hugs Kim 


Her Little Baby Rainbow 
Isn't She Adorable One Month Old

Her little therapy doggie Rainbow 🌈 what she manifested it became a realty Rainbow 🌈 will be with them and can't wait for her to be with her family. She will be able to take her everywhere a blessing in disguise. Spoiling  her  beautiful baby doggie and will heal her heart ❤️with so much love💕💕💕. Isn't that what life is all about. Love💕 and getting along...........   

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