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Her Sweet Angel Passing On 


Her little Angel has gone, her beautiful soul lives on she’s in heaven and now not suffering anymore. She  knew deep in her Being she wouldn’t be with her for too much longer. Being diabetic and losing her sight, having to give her insulin shots morning and night. She tried her very best to keep her here as long as possible. When it’s your time you have to let it happen. Kim knew she didn’t want to leave but when she stopped drinking water that was a sign she was ready to go to the other side. Her beautiful Angel passed on in March 22/2022. She came here for a reason and they choose the ones they want to be with. She was here shorter than they expected and will always be with her in spirit.  She sees her energy a frequency so calming and peaceful.

Kim held her in my arms all night long she started to cry knowing she was ready to leave to pass on. She was holding on with all her might. Her husband heard her crying and came to comfort his wife and they were both in tears holding their little baby Angel. An hour passed and she said sweetheart I have to let you go on your journey your life has finished on this earth. Her little Angel had chosen her and taught her many lessons while she was here.


She talked to God and said please take her don’t let her suffer any longer, then asked her husband to say the Lord’s prayer 🙏🏽 with her. Then he had to leave the room for a short time and while he was gone Angel 👼took her last breath her eyes were open looking right into her soul. She knows she was saying I love you mummy and she did love her with all her heart. They had an unbelievable connection that she had never had before with her little furry friends.


Angel 👼was wrapped in a blanket cuddling her, all night long, she knew she was very much loved. Now at peace with our Heavenly Father and Jesus our Lord saviour or if you wish to call it a higher power. She knew God had taken her to a better place, no more suffering. When she looked up at the ceiling could see a light twinkling ✨✨✨ it made her smile, as we know our souls live on. Oh she's going to feel terrible lonely her not being by Kim's side, she was with her for 8 years. Sweet Angel👼 followed her around wherever she went, she was her little Velcro doggie. They had never been apart for very long, only when she was in the animal  hospital last July 2021 for a week. They were very blessed they had her with them for an extra nine months, she cherishes those moments. 
Her stomach is in knots she will go through a difficult time a grieving period she will cry and and again it’s normal and that’s life. It brought back memories when her mum passed, she was with her and holding her in my arms. She was very cold felt like she was holding a doll. That's what happens when your soul leaves your body no more frequency. Angel👼 was warm being swaddled in a blanket and close to her heart. She must have been holding her for many hours, being her little baby. My God how she cried. She passed at March 22nd. Her heart is broken oh how she will miss her and feeling so empty, a lost soul and nowhere to go. It shall dissipate a healing process you have to acknowledge and go through. like she said. As time goes by it gets easier and a lot better and had no idea what was about to happen.


She said "send me a sign my sweet Angel 👼 you are nearby and will always be with me". She did everything she could to save her but it was her time to leave this earth. She was here to teach her many lessons and OMG did she ever. She was the sweetest little sensitive doggie you could ever wish to meet, those amazing big eyes, even though she was blind, she could still see straight into her soul. She will have fond memories, so cute and adorable. A little white fur ball the first time she saw her and held her in her arms all the way home.


God Bless you my little Sweetheart you will always be with me deep in my Being and where ever I go. As she wiped away her tears that’s cleansing her heart soul connection. She looked up and there she saw a glimpse of a pale pink light. A pink crystal is all about love, it was filling the room with her presence. Hi Angel 👼she said, I love you and always will. Even though she devastated her baby brought her such happiness. Life goes on like a circle let’s come together with love because life is too short and as she always says Love Can Do Amazing Things. Amen 🙏🏽 

Meditating With Her Sweet Angel 

Kim has been meditating for many  years and would meditate with her sweet little Angel 👼every day. In her bedroom on the bed and sometimes in her healing room. On the massage chair with the angel throw and a butterfly pillow her client Anne made for her. A couple a months before Angel passed she would listen to an audio she had made for her son when he was young. She had the audio made into a CD, it was all about God's love and loving yourself for who you are.


You can do anything if you put your Mind Body and Soul into the things you love and will become the person you are meant to be. Now Angel 👼has gone but not in spirit her little furry baby's soul lives on.  She still meditates and sees a purply, hazy hue that dances around the room. It sometimes looks like an angelic Angel and comes close to her then dissipates into the ether then shows up again.  it's  quite remarkable and beautiful proving her baby doggie soul is still with her. She had asked her sweet Angel 👼please bring me another puppy if it's meant to be. That can mend my broken heart and I can take care of and Love again. it's not going to be easy but there are some wonderful experiences she will go through thinking outside the box. It's going to be magnificent this is why Angel 👼chose her because she's opened minded. She's willing to learn all that she can and miracles can happen if you believe in them...... 

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