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these products in her studio 


Health Evolution YTE


CB2 Organic Hemp seed oil

Being  highly sensitive to her environment in 2008 she opened her ECO Friendly Hair Studio at the back of their home and the rest is history.


Trained in London England  a very exciting place to live in the 60s and 70s. Did  a three year apprenticeship and then another two years before she  qualified as a professional hairstylist. Lived in Paris and different parts of France for over a year.  Came to Canada in 1977,  worked at HE&SHE for four and half years in the West end.  She opened up two successful hair dressing businesses called  BLADES HAIR STUDIO in Ottawa;  one in 1982 on Carling Avenue and a second studio downtown in 1984 in the Market Mall in between George and William street. 

Later Kim did (Build A Better You) with Dr. Brouse. in 2008 She found out she was full of  parabens being she was in the hairdressing business and had been working in the basement. This is when she stopped perming and she had already stopped bleaching hair. The Farouk company had come out with a bleach and ammonia free product for high lights. Wanting to change her products over to chemically free and then the Farouk came out with their CHI colour system with no ammonia. 


By using the Organic hair styling products on her clients knows she is not putting damaging chemicals on their scalp. She only wants the best for herself and clients because they are worth it. Our health and well-being are very important. If you don't have your health you can't live the life you want. When you are happy and positive wonderful things can happen.

She is sure a lot of clients if they had a choice would want ammonia free professional colours put on their scalp to cover their gray hair.  Our largest organ is our skin. When using bleach or perms you are breathing in those toxic fumes. She sure a lot of hairstylists don't realize how vulnerable they are by using these toxic chemicals.  

You can tell a lot about a person's health from their hair and skin. Kim had to start looking for toxic  free products to bring into her home and hair studio  because of her health and family's health.  Be careful even if products say they are organic, natural  or  hyper allergenic, are they really chemical free and non toxic? An organic product, to be truly organic, has to be certified. Here    


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