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Loving Fashion Being Visual I'd Dressed My Son

 in Fashionable Clothing it was the End of The 80s


Knitting her baby boy little berets with pompoms on the top in different colours. Being dyslexic having no idea how to follow a pattern, Always did it my way. Looking back and it worked out well as long as keeping herself in balance in mind* body* spirit*& *soul. Listened to her intuition which she didn't always do. That's why Reiki helped her in many ways when walking with this amazing  beautiful surrounding light and a frequency within. Having too much stress being autistic and an empath highly sensitive to her environment.  This would put her body out of balance causing her cortisol level, the stress hormone to hit the roof. It can do terrible things to the body and our well being. She used to have terrible panic attacks never realized that's what they were and extremely petrified of the dark. Finding the right help for herself and my family this is why with prayer* meditating* manifesting* She was able to visualize what I need at the time.





This was his last year at Elementary school their son had this special mouthpiece to widen his mouth and had some teeth pulled, he couldn’t take it out when eating. He had to keep it in all the time and every so many months had to have it widened.  This was a new procedure and was very blessed her client at the time an orthodontist and had brought this new technology into Canada. They used to call him Dr. Denis a wonderful man. She actually met him at a health convention was sitting next to him and we started chatting.  It was hard for their son to eat having this in his mouth, he never complained. Having supper ask him “how are you doing at school at lunch time sweetheart”. She couldn’t believe what he said so innocently and repeated his teacher's words, said he ate like a pig. Was in shock and it couldn’t be true he must have misunderstood his teacher. Her antenna when up really high and called a client who’s son was in his class and had taking him under his wing. He was looking out for his friend because he started getting bullied. I Wonder Why??? Told her what her son had said and asked her please do not put words in your son’s mouth just ask him casually how’s your friend doing at lunch time. She phoned right back and she was in shock to find out the teacher had called him a pig. That was it she was going to call his teacher and ask her myself to see her side of the story. Of course she denied it, made up some story. Knew she was lying did tell her please do not do that again. She wanted her to know she knew the truth, thought that was it. She was kind and straightforward knew where she stood  and  thought that would be the end of it. 


That wasn't the end and didn’t realize she was covering her ass and when her son came home the next day he was shaking, poor little guy. Oh My Goodness what could it be? He was told he was a liar and made him write this a hundred times on paper. What the heck was wrong with this woman, mama bear came out right away. Yes she was covering her ass she was scared would go to the Principal, having a good relationship with her and will call her Mrs Zanwick.  She was sure she was scared this teacher knew  she was in the wrong.  Fining out when phoning the Principal after her son came home shaking. Got on the phone right away to talk to her to let her know what happened. His teacher had told the Principal she was telling her class about the three little pigs and her son had misunderstood her. Yeah, right! 


As her mother had taught me when the girls at school were mean she would say. Never go down to their level sweetheart you are better than that and lift your head up high and with a smile say that’s your opinion. She did write this teacher a letter at Graduation and gave her a present. wrote: I hope if you are ever blessed to have a child you will not have to go through the torment and agony seeing your child suffering and wrote her a long letter and it was positive.  That’s how it helps her to cope you don't have to be mean and she's an empath. He had been diagnosed with Asperger’s and most teachers had no idea and not been educated of this syndrome back then. They felt it was the parents' fault how their children acted. 

Thanks to this teacher's attitude and most like taking her frustrations out on our son. They haven't learned self control and what's happened to them as children!!!. Till this incident occured our son he was doing quite well. As you know children pick up on adults' behaviour. I was told by a young girl who lived down the street, on the bus when our son was coming home. The kids were throwing food at him and being very mean. I did sort this all out and having this wonderful Princial Mrs Zanwick I will call her. She came home with him on the bus to let the children know it wasn't appropriate what they were doing. Thank goodness I became my mother and stood up for my son like she did for me when young. 

Having many stories what their child went through the good news  never put him on medication. It was only for a short time when he was diagnosed with Asperger's. This doctor was trying to convince her this is what he needed. Worried he wasn’t putting weight on and he gave her a phone number of a patient's mother and told her to phone the mother. She said her son had put weight on and was doing well. She was confused had that feeling he shouldn't be on this meds. Knowing her son need to put on weight and thought she would try it for a short time. When taking him to the Children's hospital they ex-rayed his hand and were told he would only be about 5ft 7.  How wrong they were; with the right help and nutrients also supplements his diet he grew to be 5ft 11 and finished High school with honours. This was also because he had a wonderful S.A teacher we were very blessed she took him under her wing and loved him like her own son.

This medication he was put on made him like a zombie. In the meantime praying for guidance and asked around if anyone knew of a natural supplements. Her intuition knew this wasn’t good for him. Then got a phone telling her about these natural supplements and started taking them. Seeing great improvement in their son’s behaviour. Her husband and herself felt better it helped with stress. She had even asked a pharmacist and showing him the ingredients on bottle. He was very impressed and said he wished he could sell them, at the time one of the amino acids wasn't allowed here in Canada.  She phoned this lady back to tell her the good news this time the father came to the phone. Could tell in his voice he was very sad and told her the bad news. It was too late for his son, he was taken out of their home he had tried to kill his sister. Her heart sank, felt heavy for these parents what a terrible thing to happen. This poor child being put on this psychotic drug can you understand why she doesn't trust Big Pharma. The name of the drug is at the bottom and a link. 


A lady read her information at Queen's Park at the Ontario Provincial Legislature, she was trying to get information out as well as herself that drugs were not the answer for these children. At the time a client and a friend she was a teacher helped her to compose a letter for the Ottawa Citizen's newspaper back in 1997. This information is on the story The Shaman And The Eagle's Feather


From the my novel I had written never got it published.🙏🏽 

This memory is so clear in her mind; her son was around four years old at the time. She had come downstairs feeling sad and upset knowing her little boy seemed to be locked away in his own little world.  Sitting on the couch in the family room, tears in her eyes, thinking why was he having these problems? her son looking out of the family room window glancing up at the sky watching the clouds passing by. His wondrous little mind connected to the weather; as he turned around looking at his mommy. His sweet cherub face and beautiful big doe brown eyes and those soft golden brown ringlets slightly touching his rosy cheeks, with such innocents that only God could have created. Feeling so much love in her heart for her little guy said “why is this happening sweetheart” looking up at her with such conviction and said mummy “I was up in heaven and pouf! God put me inside your tummy” She couldn't believe what she was hearing just smiled and said you are so right my darling. We do choose our parents we are here to learn our life lessons and remembering the night she conceived her gift from God. Their little boy was born nine months later; it was so powerful the feeling she felt.


Our children are wise beyond their years; they are so connected to the universe with open arms with such a free spirit. Oh to be a child! Unfortunately when growing up they see and feel things around them that they can’t control. Then their innocence disappears like a magician’s magical wand.  If we are fortunate later in life to be open to listen to our intuition it will never stir us wrong.  Her son’s words were a sign, she knew there and then she would do everything in my power to help her sweet little boy who had no control of what was happening to him.  This made it very clear in her mind her son had chosen her to be his mother A GIFT FROM THE UNIVERSE OUR CHILDREN, GOD'S LOVE. She knew why her son did so well because she believed in him and never gave up hope. Her and her husband didn't always do it right you do the best with what you know how at that time. One thing they never did was hit or put their son down with negative words. Their child knew he was cared and loved for; children pick up our feelings even if you don't say it, they feel everything we feel especially our sensitive children who she liked to call Moonbeams – Sunbeams

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