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Her extraordinary mother with

a beautiful smile teaching her  daughter to love everyone. Buying her Black Dolls, she didn't want her to be prejudiced  against anyone. She was one of a kind and is now her Angel in Heaven


A lesson learned, bullies are cowards, they  go for the defenseless the ones they can over power,  the venerable.  There are wolves in sheep's clothing they are evil demonic monsters want to control the defenseless. It's shocking  pedophilia and sex trafficking and even worse

David Rodriguez - Heavy Weight Boxing Champ,
Overcome Bullying, Getting Sober | SRS #022

As my dear mom, so wise, would say you do not know what that person is going through and why they are acting that way. David was bullied everyday as a child that caused him terrible anxiety and low self esteem it does go back
to your childhood. That's why it's important to keep yourself active, the
worst thing for persons who had trauma in their life.  Loneliness,
being ostracized, no one to talk to can cause depression and suicide.


She Never Gave Up if She had She
Wouldn't be Where She is Today

You do it for your children and if you are blessed your grandchildren; They Are Our Future.  A poem she wrote to her mother and now one of her angels We love you mom 


Going on holiday with her friend that year to a her parent's caravan to Margate a seaside holiday camp and meeting some fellas and feeling very uncomfortable 

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