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 You Will See She Repeats Herself Not
Everyone Will Go On to All Her Pages. 



 Scroll Down and You Will See how you can go on this Journey with her

Navigating and Decide where you would like to go and be. There are

Many Avenues you can Take and Will Learn a lot if you want or are

Inquisitive like her Sharing her Beliefs. Not To Be Scared or

Live in Fear Wanting to Share with Love in her Heart

Her Syndrome She Calls AURA ~God’s Love~ Protect The Children ~Jesus

 Our Lord Saviour ~Spirituality~ Loving Touch Reiki Helping her Child A

Gift From God Our Heavenly Father ~ Poems. Her Story From Some 

of her Novels and hasn't had them Published Yet, She had an

Interesting Life. The Good Not so Good but She Survived.


As She was Taught you Just Get on with it, Never Blame or Give up in

What You Believe in. When you Know Why you were Sent Here for a

Reason You Will have No Fear. All the Obstacles she went Through

to get Her were she is this very Moment. Why would she be Scared

and Live in Fear? It will Always Pass and Only Make you Stronger

and Hopefully Wiser. When you have God's Love in Your heart

You have to Carry On So Help Me God!!!! 


Having a Husband Who is a Teacher She Learned her History Which

Was Very Wise of Her.  Is Our History Really What It Seems to Be? 

He went to University and Majored in French Literature and World

History, Graduating with Honors, then to Teachers' College. Are

 the Schools and Universities Teaching the Truth Anymore? She

 Wanted to Make This a Better World with Like Minded People.

 To be Able to Keep Our Freedom, No Racism or Hate. No

 One Is Better Than Anyone Else. Learn From the Past.

  If Not It's Bound To Repeat Itself Again and Again.

She Hopes You Like What You Read She's An Autistic Woman Now 73 The Media Hasn't Always Portrayed Autism in a Good Light. We Are More Than That. We Are Beautiful Spiritual Beings and Came Here For A Reason. We Are Not Any Different Than You. Just Highly Sensitive Souls To Our Environment With The Autistic Asperger's Genes In Our Family. With The Right Guidance Can Become Very Successful Doing Something We Love. We Are Always Unique Resilient Authentic That's The Reason She Calls Her Syndrome AURA You Will See Why


  First time in the Daily Mirror
Newspaper masking 1970 photo
taken by Brian Aris


  1953 with her mom living in
the Rest Center five years after
the Second World War

 AURA:  she calls her syndrome. In 2011 she put her first video on YouTube then 2012 two more, later another two.  No one at the start of 2000 were talking about autistic females that she knew of it was more to do with males. Not realizing she was autistic and the only person back then she had seen being interviewed was Temple Grandin. She was nothing like this amazing autistic woman. This was the reason why when her husband said, he thought she had Asperger’s. Her reaction, she was very indignant, extremely upset. There was no way she was autistic because she loved makeup, fashion, dressing girly. Like she had shared in her third video. Her idol was Brigitte Bardot as a teenager growing up in London England in the swinging 60s and part of the 70s.  She started to blossom and was modelling felt like a fish out of water. In front of the camera she became alive loved posing there was a connection and the camera seemed to love her vibe. Brian just starting out and working for the Daily Mirror and looking for pretty girls for the newspaper. He saw her in London with her mother and came over and asked her mom; could he take her daughter's picture and gave her his card to check it out to make sure it was legit. It was all good. That's how she met Brian Aris who became a famous photographer.

One of her favorite photo Brian Aris took 1971 yes she could have gone far in the her modelling career. She had the looks was photogenic but there again that was her destiny. She had fallen in love with a Frenchman Parisian he had started to model in the Virgin Islands and wanted her to be with him where he owned a spa. Then lived in California that's where she was supposed to go to be with him and get married. Things don't always work out how you hoped they would and ended up living in Paris and different parts of France. It was difficult not speaking the language there were so many challenges  going against them but being young and in love they thought they could get through anything. 


He took photos of the rich the royals and well known people in the music industry and movies stars. Brian had taken many a picture of her seemed to like her looks being photogenic. She felt very comfortable in his presences, he was a good guy and could see why he did so well.  Brian got her a photo shot in a well know magazine she was starting to be recognized after her photo was in the newspaper, "Caption Cheeky" She was going places and she meet all the right people to become well known. She had the looks and came alive in front of the camera. That wasn't her destiny there was a reason why.

Rock Stars Exhibition features work by leading UK photographers Brian Aris,
Blondie Exhibition London 2023 

Brian Aris Took This photo 1971 Daily Mirror

She laughs now at the silly things they put in the newspapers. She was born before her time like her mom. Now not wearing as much makeup and her wigs or hair pieces, she had beautiful thick hair and was starting to accept and feel better about herself.  It's a pity they didn't have the technology like they have today. She would have had some amazing photos and unfortunately lost most of her best photo shoots. Has that story in her novel. She can see now she had this syndrome and why she had many men pursue her.   


This is what Brian Aris wrote on the back of the photograph that was going in the Daily Mirror newspaper. She does wonder if things had been different and had taken that photo shoot in the magazine. As she has said that wasn't her destiny she was sent here for a different reason. Learning about models and famous people and having this syndrome she calls Aura. She wouldn't have fitted in


 too out spoken especially after her new found confidence. She felt better about herself felt beautiful even though she went through a difficult time to get to this place in life. This is why as you mature and all your experiences build your character making you more of a passionate and  understanding person when life isn't easy. 


Photos Brian Aris

photo  shoot very nice fella

just starting out his career 

1Aa%20flowerpg14 - Copy.jpg

Who Was She Really Trying To Fit Into This Unfamiliar World ?


the telly Brigitte Bardot being interviewed. She had made a movie Two Weeks In September and promoting the film. She was mesmerized by her beauty, her free spirit child like way and could connect to her. She was the sex symbol of the 50s, 60s and part of the 70s. Men drooled over her being a sex kitten and every man's fantasy and dream. Men wanted a woman like her and a lot of young women wanted to look like her way back then. Not really understanding who Brigitte Bardot was but had the same eyes and pouty lips like her and started to look and dress like her. Now she was blossoming and getting noticed by the opposite sex had photographers wanting to take photos of her. This wasn't always a good thing being naive got herself into some bad and sticky situations. Did start working for a promotion modelling agency and still hairdressing. She enjoyed being creative and working in London she liked routine and being with her best friend Linda. 

The 50s; mother's little helper, an antidepressant drug and sleep medication doctors were prescribing to housewives. After the war many women struggling with terrible anxiety and stress. The sex revolution had started in the 60s in Great Britain. The birth control pill was now available. There was semi nudity on the television and in the magazines. In Playboy 
you saw females naked and popular with men. Many attractive young women wanting to be the centerfold. Hair, a live musical with nudity, was a big hit at the Stratford theatre in the West End of London. She was taken to see Hair by her boyfriend at the opening night. She was quite embarrassed sitting right near the stage had never seen a man standing naked in front of her before. She was now eighteen, a very shy young lady and a lot younger than her years. Going back stage to meet the actors was another experience she reveals in her novel. Sex, Drugs, Orgies, Rock and Roll the younger generation were being exposed to. Let's Make Love Not War.


She had to learn to be a chameleon had no idea who she was, who new back then of this  syndrome and these disorders? She call her high functioning autism Aura. Why Aura Always Unique Resilient Authentic. She stood out even though she was trying to hide. This was back in the swinging 60s growing up in London England born 1950. When older watching the telly and going to the flicks (movies) observing others enabled her to be a good actress. She was good at mimicking others and had been watching on


She has a great story standing outside the hotel waiting for a date after work and dressed up in her Bonnie and Clyde outfit. Looking like Faye Dunaway in the movie. Loving fashion and just got her hair cut in a bob. Wearing a black beret on the side of her head. A top black and white off her shoulders, black skirt below her knees with a split at the side and platform heels. The hotel was close to Solo and anyone who knows about this part of the city, it was pretty seedy, strip clubs and dirty old men hanging out side. This 


Now she had finished her apprenticeship at Sopers in 1968 was working in London at the Regent Palace Hotel. This is were she met Linda and her parents ran a pub, The Harrow in the East End of London. they were like her second family. Brings back great memories  going to her best friend's parents' pub. She misses Linda and the great times they had going out and on holidays to Spain together. Linda went on the cruise ships to work. She was a true friend, like a sister, when working with her in London  Piccadilly Circus. 

Working at the Regent Palace Hotel

is where she had to go to the beauty suppliers if she needed products and bought some of her wigs and hair pieces there. She was a butterfly flitting here, there and everywhere never settling. Always looking for love not fame or money. She was too sensitive picking up all these vibes and didn't understand them all the time. 

This Should have Been Her Song 

She'd wander all over the streets of London and had no idea how others saw her. These were some of the places she would go and you will see them in the video. She went to worked at Piccadilly in 1968 and this video brings back great memories. Coming and going on the Underground being packed in like sardines that's something she didn't like. Loved working in the big city and many a time being picked up by a date after work. She liked this song when it first came out and can relate to it now. The Swinging 60s what a time to be living in for this young pretty autistic girl. She had no idea how attractive she was being in a bubble a world of her own existence, that she liked better. 

Photo taken by Brian Aris 1970
hot pants were all the rag

Here's the photo modelling 1972  asked to sit at the front of  the car 

This was the car they said Kim built, they lie all the time. The paper got their addresses mixed up the actress Kye lived in Casstibury Watford 


She could never understand why girls would scream and go crazy when they saw the Beatles and some famous people. She started going to clubs on the other side of London by herself at the age of sixteen. The difference having a mother like hers she supported her modelling and going out by herself. Did go through a tough time when turning fifteen. She knew she was loved by her mom and one of a kind never stopped her exploring the world for herself learning her life lessons. You will understand why her mom was like she was and gave her daughter free range. She knows she has to finish her novels learning and remembering more as life goes on. 

Knowing she was loved with all her heart by her mom but not her dad this did affect her how she felt about herself, they were completely different from each other. Her mother having to shout her father down and very stressful for her living in this atmosphere this is why she had to get out of the house as often as possible. When turning fifteen started working this is when her mother got terribly sick. This incident causing her unbelievable anxiety feeling overwhelmed, obsessing and would she live?
As the saying goes her long term memory is getting better as she matures. Now in her 70s and doing extremely well. The reason why she never give up in what she believes in and always find the answers walking to the beat of her own drum!!!! 

Her novels go into all the details: The first novel what was happening in the 50s five years after the Second World War. Being autistic and how her mother helped her daughter with all her difficulties and part of the 60s blossoming and not understanding the opposite sex.
The second novel more about the swinging 60s and part of the 70s in London England. Her boyfriends and going to all the clubs and discos. Then meeting her first love, her sexy French boyfriend and having a secret and would he still love her? Living in Paris and in different parts of France before coming to Canada. Could have easily been lured into that life style modeling being pretty and having aura. Sex drugs and rock and roll.  She had meet some of those famous people back then, never impressed with them. She did enjoy going to a restaurant with Peter a guy she knew in the movie business.  Being with the director some other people and Richard Harris the actor, his last movie was in Harry Potter. Listening to his stories that was fascinating it's in this video Memories How Time Flies By........

Working at London  Airport and in the paper.  A story about her working
gear and it wasn't true.  They make up stories all the time like when
they said she had built a car she couldn't even drive back then


She Didn't Have a Voice Way
Back Then? Part of her Story 



Learning ~Open~ Validate~ Educate  

L is for Learning, expanding the mind 

O is for being Open to the universe and receiving

V is for Validating yourself because you are worth it 

E is for Educating, absorb all that you can

Bringing You Peace of  Mind~ Balance~ Harmony & Well~Being  Brings  With It a Clear Understanding &  Knowledge Is Power 

Written July 23rd  2020 

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