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I'm always looking for products to share and when it comes
to supplementing it's important to have the science
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Love the Sesh spray smells divine

Pine Essential Oil is reputed to have many therapeutic properties. The following highlights its many benefits and the kinds of activity it is believed to show:

  • COSMETIC: Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant, Deodorant, Energizing, Cleansing, Moisturizing, Refreshing, Soothing, Circulation-Stimulating, Smoothing

  • ODOROUS: Calming, Clarifying, Deodorant, Energizing, Focus-Enhancing, Freshening, Insecticidal, Invigorating, Uplifting

  • MEDICINAL: Antibacterial, Antiseptic, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Inflammatory, Antibacterial, Analgesic, Decongestant, Detoxifying, Diuretic, Energizing, Expectorant, Soothing, Stimulating, Immune-Enhancing

I uses the Sesh in my hair and healing studio also when meditating and sometimes playing one my singing bowl looking through our Ash tree. It's quite amazing all the colours I'm seeing opening my third eye when sun gazing. We were very blessed to be able to save our tree from the Emerald Ash Borer which destroyed many trees in Canada. It was planted in 1987 giving us shade and privacy. Good information 3 eye Activation Practice Sun Gazing 

HIGH ACHIEVERS FOCUS, being highly sensitive, an empath and not wanting to go on anxiety medication. It's not good for me and might be ok for others. I'm not here to judge what other may do they may have a completely different metabolic system than mine. Everyone has to do what's best for them. I'm just sharing.



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Manifestation through scientific innovation.

Unleash the power of positive intentions with Cannanda SESH™, the revolutionary fragrance designed to uplift your senses and bring out the best in you! Made with natural ingredients and NO synthetic fragrances, this scent is the perfect addition to your daily routine.


Research into mind-body medicine has revealed you can induce healing in your body simply by thinking positive intent. In fact, this is the basis behind the “placebo effect.” A phenomenon so powerful that even the effectiveness of therapeutics including pharmaceutical drugs and are measured against this as the “gold standard” of studies.

Just the expectation of a benefit, and the belief that it will happen, many times will bring about that effect. What’s fascinating is that the effectiveness of positive intent is influenced by the endoocannabinoid system (ECS).

Research has discovered that a healthy and responsive ECS is a key factor in this mind-over-matter phenomenon. Studies further suggest that there is a delicate balance between too little and too much (life is all about balance, and the "right" amount). The success rate of positive intent is higher when your ECS is healthy, yet these studies also show that excessive stimulation (specifically of CB1 receptors) can diminish the likelihood of success.

Cannanda SESH™ harnesses these scientific insights and discoveries to help you set your intentions and achieve optimal physical and mental health. It's a potent and inviting natural fragrance enhanced with Cannanda CB2 and specific essential oils and terpenes that work collaboratively to balance your ECS.

Aug 3rd 2023: one of my Beautiful client

Marie came today for her colour cut and style. I shared with her the CB2 oil capsules about how they are great for the hair and all the other wonderful  things they can do for your Mind Body Spirit & Soul. Also sprayed the Sesh in the air and on her wrist as well. Does smell divine, very calming, goes well with all my beautiful elements in my studio. When under the dryer my husband brought one of his organic chocolate muffins and a herbal tea then I gave Marie a CB2 capsule. After the dryer went off she sat on the massage chair, she likes playing some of the bowls while she is  here. Once her hair was finished she laid on the reiki table, put her feet in the Tibetan foot bowl laid back comfortably and relaxed. I sprayed again the Sesh in the air as I mentioned smells wonderful. My husband played the foot bowl while I played the crystal singing bowls and Tibetan bowls



all the way from Nepal. Then the BioField weighted fork I bought from Eileen's website. I have info on Sharing and Caring about her tuning forks with the boot on the end and sharing all the other elements. After the weightless chakra tuning forks above all Marie's chakras. Finished with the chimes reminding me of Sunday morning in England, the church bells ringing far and wide. Marie loved the healing session she felt marvelous we were laughing holding hands felt like little kids telling secrets. The air filled with such joy and happiness reminded me staying in Manchester with my grandparents when a little girl. Julie popping over and taking me out to play. My grandma giving me a penny to buy some sweeties and skipping along the way on my tippy toes on the cobbled stones. All through the alleys to the sweet shop holding hands; laughing, giggling being our authentic childlike selves. The sweet shop on the corner across the road from the alleyway buying my favorite Sherbet dip with a licorice stick. Licorice was my favorite then even over chocolate. Having a friend made me happy, she'd protect me when the kids would be mean and tease me. I felt such love and Julie was a special soul an Angel here from heaven, what great memories they were way back when.

What a great afternoon spending with my client Marie she felt beautifully relaxed and bought the CB2 capsules and the Sesh. Next time she can order and receive 10% off from 






This is what happened to me, not taking care of myself my mitochondria was damaged. I was very stressed not sleeping losing my little Angel my furry doggie, she passed my arms I was devastated.  I g0t extremely sick, couldn't swallow so I couldn't eat or drink for 5 days and couldn't get out of bed for three weeks only to go to the bathroom. What this virus did to me aged me overnight. I lost my muscle tone and my hair was falling out, I had bald patch at the back, alopecia. I had no energy felt drained and depressed and not seeing my clients like I used to. We went back on a supplement not knowing they no longer had the YTE Young Tissue Extract anymore. YTE is an extract from a Norwegian  nine day old egg their TeloMind helps Telomeres they used to have a test kit then Covid came along.

More stresses I endured finding out the other company didn't have the YTE my reputation is very important being a honest person. The good news I found the company who has the exclusive rights to Yound Tissue Extract and now we take, sell and share both Health Evolution and Cannanda Organic CB2 oils.

It's a long story if you are interested go here.

2023 Nov My Hairs a Lot fuller and Healthier 

I have cut most of my blonde out gone "au naturel" silver. We have been through more stresses my hair isn't falling out anymore like it used to, looks healthier, fuller. As you can see in the other pictures from March then to August how my hair was getting better. It's even healthier in this photo November and cutting my hair in shorter layers, I really like it. 


  2022 June         2023 March         2023 Aug           


Went back on Cannanda CB2 oils For my hair health and well being and also helps with migraines. Aminobooster and AminoSerene is helping me tremendously  and helps with chronic stress which I had been going through. The AminoSerene was formulated by Angela an MBE especially for Highly sensitive people like myself. I've been on the AminoSerene and AminoBooter since March 2023 and then added CB2 capsules. My hair looks healthier growing back thicker again and not losing it any more hair.

The Health Evolution supplements have the amino acids,  (the building blocks of life)  minerals, herbs and vitamins. The organic CB2 hemp seed oil (omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids) are one of the only sources of a unique omega-3 called SDA, which is much more efficiently turned into EPA (the anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acid). A great alternative if you are a vegan or have fish allergies. Also helps B-carypyllene receptors, agonist produces multiple behavioral changes relevant to anxiety and depression in mice. They work well together for myself and family, both companies work with:

 Truth* Honesty*Integrity as well as Clinically Studied & Tested

I'm always looking for clinically studied and tested supplementation for the Mind Body Spirit & Soul.  Getting very good results with Health Evolution and Cannanda they fit perfectly well together and couldn't be happier. I am extremely sensitive to my environment and did go through another cleanse like I did with Health Evolution detoxing, my husband didn't this time. We started taking Shaklee in 1992 when I went to see doctor Brouse and was the first vitamin company that you could share. I have info on my website on Sharing & Caring and Intuition.

I had been corresponding with Dr. Lee and he always answers my questions he's a very nice humble gentleman and a wealth of knowledge. To buy Dr. Lee's book MITOCHONDRIA AND THE FUTURE OF MEDICINE. All the companies are trustworthy that's what makes us feel comfortable taking and sharing their products...

"All that surrounds us is the foundation of life, the birthplace of what your science calls midi-chlorians, the foundation of what connects the Living Force and the Cosmic Force."― Grandmaster Yoda, Star Wars What are these midi-chlorians? Well, they're your good-ol' mitochondria the powerhouse of the cells that you learned about in biology class. That's the topic of today's Body Mind Empowerment Podcast. I'm your host Siim Land and our guest is Dr. Lee Know from Canada. His latest book Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine looks at the theory of aging and disease from a revolutionary perspective.

*Pain Inflammation:  *Anxiety:
Diabetes Obesity & Other Metabolic: 

*Cardiovascular Health:
*Degenerative  Neurological Conditions;

*Cognitive Health: *Alzheimer's:
* Parkinson's Disease: *
Multiple Sclerosis:
Rheumatoid Arthritis:
* Osteoarthritis:
* Musculo-Skeletal (eg, osteoporosis)
* Immune System Modulation: *   
Digestive Disorders:
* Migraine:
*Eye Health: *Skin Health:
*Liver Health: *Kidney & Bladder Health:
*Pancreatic Health: *Respiratory Health:
*Addictions and Substance Use Disorder: *Opioid Crisis

More info on Learn more CB2 Studies


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