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 She had a mental block about Jesus because of her childhood. It took

her many years to connect with him. When she was researching about Jesus came across Doreen Virtue her connection to Jesus. When searching  the internet again saw these Beautiful  Jesus cards 

Doreen had created with the talented artist Greg Olsen.

She  wasn't influenced by institutions and brainwashed by fear from some of these churches.  Are they really tell you the truth or is it power and control? As long as you are bringing God's love and Jesus into your life and doing no harm. She did have some concerns thinking how could she have Jesus and also  believing in the unknown.  You can have both in your life.  Jesus doesn't judge he loves everyone and don't let anyone put you down. It's the rulers who make up these conditions to frighten people into obeying and submission. You do not need anyone to tell you what you should think and do, we all have free will. It's all to do with

 Pure True Love. It Emulates From Your Heart.

  A Glowing Light, an Energy Within.

We wouldn't be able to function we need energy going through our bodies to live. They are called chakras from the top of your head the crown chakra  Violet to the base the Red chakra. You need to keep them energized with love and an open heart. A positive reinforcement, it's very important if you are highly sensitive.  That's why if you are an empath you need to plug into the positive. Learn energy healing or go to a healer. That way it gives you a spark, lights up your life. Negativity will bring you down, do the opposite it drains and sucks the life out of you. You will feel tired and sometimes get ill. This is why she had to learn to keep the negative away, be grounded. Meditation and prayer helped, learning all that she could from like minded souls. Bringing with it Beauty Peace and Love.

As she has always said Love Can Do Amazing Things.



She has another card set of  Loving
Words From Jesus she was given them
by her first Reiki Teacher.
Our Gentle Brother Jesus Speaks

This particular morning when she got up after praying and meditating asking for guidance she reached for her Jesus cards. This is what  appeared, it was  quite amazing the words she read.  Yes she is on the right path Sharing and Caring with God's Love and Devotion, he will never give up on you. He loves you and it's all about self love loving yourself. 

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