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 Her Journey All Started In

The 90s Helping Her Son

In 1992 she was introduced to SHAKLEE by Shirley Lennox if you go to this page and scroll down you will see info about this beautiful soul.  She was the one who told Kim about Dr Brouse and went to him at  Dr Brouse's clinic in the States with her son. She doesn't know how she did it but her intuition was so strong could not stand another day seeing her child suffering. She had to help him no matter what. No one at the time was doing what she was doing here in Canada that she knew of, this was 30 years ago. More info here   

She has no idea why she sometimes says I and sometimes says she or her. It depends on how she's feeling when writing, it comes flowing out of her being creative. Her mother did the best thing for her putting her in hairdressing in 1965. The only problem being in that courier and so sensitive to her environment. It did not help her situation when it came to her health and well being. All those toxins she was around especially in the 60s and 70s with the hair lacquerer stayed so freely on the clients hair. The perm solutions extremely smelly and toxic there she was cleaning the perm rods when starting her apprenticeship in the small dispensary with no air filter.


She started to blossom learning coping skills and how to navigate herself. As you will see she repeats herself many a time on her website, not everyone is going to go on to all her pages. She hopes you enjoy what she shares. She's being guided leading her down this extremely interesting path she's taking. Being inquisitive thinking outside the box learning all that she can. She can't help herself and has never been one to follow the pack she has always done it on her own, she had to use her intuition especially to help her child. 


Sending Peace 🕊~ Love 💕 Light 💫 a Higher Vibration out to our vast exquisite Universe 🪐and Stars 🌟

 The Stress Hormone

The beneficial impacts of Laminine® are: Positive effects on memory, skin, libido, energy, joints, muscles, stress, sleep and emotional stability.

Her anxiety 😥 was getting the better of her and got worse losing her little doggie Angel 👼 She passed away laying in her arms and going over the Rainbow Bridge, she was devastated. There was one stress after another and she got really sick. Stress can do that especially if you are sleep deprived and absorbing energy you do not want. How does she know it works? When first going on the supplement ten years ago and having her blood work done. Her doctor wanted to know what had she been doing, her cortisol was at the right range. All she had changed and added to her routine was the Laminine supplement. 

The Laminine has helped tremendously she still has her good and not so good days but she can now handle the stress a lot better when it comes her way.  She is sleeping better and that's a plus and not obsessing  it took a couple of months to balance her out. After listening to a doctor about Laminine, she changed her routine you have to listen to your body. She was worried about her husband he wasn't the same person and getting very forgetful this was extremely stressful. He takes 2 Laminine in the morning it's easier that way than trying to remember to take 1 later. Thank goodness he's doing a lot better she has seen an improvement in him, that's helped their situation.

We need our sleep to rejuvenate is very important for our health and well being. Did read this can happen after a virus is in your body, I was extremely stressed and not sleeping. It started when my little doggie Angel got sick then knowing she wouldn't be with me much longer, one stress coming one after the other. This is why I needed to get back on another supplement but then found out later they didn't have the YTE in their supplements anymore that was extremely upsetting but was very blessed to find Angela who has the right to the Young Tissue Extract


In 2021 she put this collage together expressing herself likes she always does. She isn’t hiding anymore she’s being her true authentic self. She gets visions how she wants her world to be; tranquil~ peaceful~ beautiful with love because love can do amazing things as she says many a time before. This is what she has been able to achieve in her hair studio. Made it into her healing room as well. Where she doesn’t wear a mask she likes to show her smile. She suffers with migraines and needs to breathe fresh air.  Anyway she has been masking all her life trying to fit in. Everyone has to do what they feel is best for them. Now spreading her wings and flying like a butterfly 🦋 she is free to do as she pleases. Life is too short she wants to live a happy life with no wars or evil and she’s going to the fifth dimension. She knows why now she brought all these beautiful elements into her studio and bedroom, she is being guided. Sending Peace 🕊~ Love 💕 Light 💫 a Higher Vibration out to our vast exquisite Universe 🪐and Stars 🌟

It’s the strangest and most spectacular journey I have every been on all this info is coming out now and my mom gave me that message in my dream 2008. After I asked her will I be with her?  It took me to this one website all about the lost city of Atlantis, orbs, God’s love 💕 indigo children and a lot more. I had put that info on a back burner then when the pandemic came along had lots of time to investigate. Started  researching and came across some very interesting articles and videos that took me back on this journey and wanted to know more. 


The one thing that sticks out in my mind my mother would say; energy even if you do not see it, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. She knows this to be true because things that have happened to her. Also remembering my mom telling me of our next door elderly neighbour had passed. That evening she was looking out of the bedroom back window. He loved gardening and her mother saw this golden glowing orb over where he gardened. When she passed her brother had taken a photo at the funeral home. It was amazing there were orbs on that picture.  

Finding These Amazing Supplement

& Talking With Angela A Beautiful Soul 

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She has been through a lot of different supplements through the years. Some were very good others disappointing and not getting the support she needed. Being dyslexic with this syndrome can sometimes be daunting wanting to be trusting. Not everyone is upfront and how people can come across sometimes she has got hurt. She's not blaming just explaining. The one thing she cannot tolerate is lies that does upset her seeing she's very honest. In 1997 finding these supplements that where amazing definitely changed her family life's for the better. A Story The Shaman and the Eagle's Feather. Then in 2023 finding Angela an empath like herself and a HSP. Now she can move forward in what's important helping others who may be suffering. 


How Kim was impressed with 

Having that bad reaction to the pharmacy product she started to using the Thieves mouse wash. You know what? the canker sores went away. From that day on she uses the Thieves Mouthwash everyday along with the Thieves Aroma Bright Toothpaste and sometimes the Thieves Whitening. She likes both of them  alternating, now has her husband and son are using  the toothpaste as well.  Kim shares and sells them in her hair and healing studio. Her favorite diffuser Aria Ultrasonic  she has in her studio too. More info   It's very relaxing music when meditating and can also put your own music on when using the essential oils and zone out. As you can see she has different products she uses through out their home.  Everyone has different perveances and there are so many of them out there....

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