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She Didn't Have a Voice Way
Back When? Part of her Story 

Welcome to Her Website: Scroll Down and You Will See how you can go on

this Journey with Her Navigating and Decide where you would like to go

and be . There are Many Avenues you can Take and will Learn a lot

if you want or are Inquisitive like her Sharing her Beliefs.


Her Syndrome She Calls AURA~Spirituality~ Reiki ~God’s Love~Protect The Children~Jesus Our Lord Savior~Her Poems. Her Story From Some of her

Novels and hasn't had them Published Yet~ The Good Not so Good but

She Survived. As She was Taught You Just Get on with it,

NeverBlame or Give up in What You Believe in.


Having a Husband Who's a Teacher She Learned her History Which

Was Very Wise of Her.   Is Our History Really What It  Seems to Be? 

He went to University and Majored in French Literature and World

History, Graduating with Honors. Are the Schools and Universities

Teaching the Truth Anymore? She Wanted to Make This a Better

World. To be Able to Keep Our Freedom No Racism or Hate.

No one Is Better Than Anyone Else. Learn From The Past.. 

 If Not It's Bound To Repeat Itself Again and Again.

Her first photo in the Daily Mirror Newspaper  Masking 

 AURA:  she calls her syndrome. In 2011 she put her first video on YouTube then 2012 two more, later another two.  No one back then in the 2000 were talking about autistic females that she knew of it was more to do with males. Not realizing  she was autistic and the only person back then was Temple Grandin and she was nothing like this amazing autistic woman. This was the reason why when her husband said, he thought she had Asperger’s. Her reaction, she was very indignant, extremely upset. There was no way she was autistic because she loved makeup, fashion, dressing girly. Like she had shared in her third video. Her idol was Brigitte Bardot as  a teenager growing up in London England in the swinging 60s and part of the 70s.  She started modelling felt like a fish out of water but in front of the camera she became alive loved posing there was a connection and the camera seemed to love her.

  You will see she repeats herself
because not everyone is going
to go on all her pages. 


This Is Her Feelings Everyone Has To  Do What  They
Feel Is Best For Them.  She Doesn't Like Anyone Telling Her What She Can And Not  Do
  Or Think

The few who were discussing this subject Asperger's in the year 2000 were nothing like her. She could now see she was masking, learning to hide her insecurities and never felt comfortable in her own skin.  Did find what she needed to help herself and her child taking the drug free approach.

It was hard but life isn't easy and she always pushed through. Had no idea how others saw her.
It was overwhelming as a child living in this unfamiliar existence and not fitting in. Who knew back then of this syndrome and disorders? You just go on with it never complained. As her mom would say there where others suffering 

She did feel like an alien from another planet and was she?  When her mother came to her in her dream in 2008 and said those two words. Having an inquisitive mind led  her on this journey wanting to know more  and
  learning as much as she could. Started drawing  Starseeds
 Angel Goddessesbeing creative it came naturally to her.  The first drawing was of Cynthia who made Starseed sculptured she found her on the internet. Always searching for others on the same wavelength as her wanting to know more about Arcturian. Then showing her first drawing to her client Julie who asked could she draw her Starseed Angel Goddess and she did. Taking  her down this path and wanting to know more. One thing lead her to another for some reason Rainbows kept coming up in her mind. She had called her little puppy Rainbow and to find out later she had both genders. Very, very rare in dogs and she was unique in everyway possible. Highly sensitive and needed a lot of understanding and care like autistic children. She was her special needs little puppy    Fascinating! What she was discovering  and knows she was being guided. More here


 Starseed 🌟Goddess of Love❤️ Rainbow🌈 Aura of Light  💫


 Also taken to these other websites who think the same way as her. Is it real or is it not these Starseeds? She has no idea but did see as a little girl an Angelic Being and to her it's real!!! What you manifest can become a reality. As long as you are not hurting anyone and you have a Pure Loving Heart there is nothing to fear...

 Came Across This Video Sept 3rd 2023 About Rainbow🌈 

Taken to this video is it true or not? Will we ever really find out? When the video gets to 43 mins you will see info on Rainbows. She called her little doggie Rainbow she was drawn to that name. To find out her little furry baby  has both genders. Had no idea till she was over a year old when they went to the vets to get her fixed. more info here.
It makes sense to her when  viewing the whole concept of Edwardranon videos   Is the world really flat?  When willing to look at different scenarios and this is how you can learn different aspects  thinking outside the box. Perhaps having a great imagination being creative, not getting an education. Like her husband who went to university and collage thinks it's ridicule's that the world isn't round.

Who really knows? There is so much information and she can look at both sides. Everything in this upside down reality world  today it can be overwhelming if you let it.  She  can be more opened minded by not being influenced going to collage or university.
Have they been hiding the truth  from us will we never find out. 

and have we been told the truth in our history books? It's always a thought

It's good to have an open discussion and different points of view and to listen to what others have to say. Wouldn't it be boring if everyone was alike?

Autism Can Come

In all different shapes and sizes, they have their own unique personalities.

 How they have been brought up makes a big difference in so many ways.

 Genetics, DNA are involved how they handle their situations and

are able to cope. What they do have in common they do not like change,

need to control their environment,  looks like they are self centered

in many ways when it comes  to family issues. They love animals

and can relate to them better than people because they

 love  you back unconditionally and do not judge.  

Having this syndrome they are very smart, highly focusing on things

that interest them and forgetting to eat sometimes, they in their own zone. Learned masking  to be able to fit in, it can become daunting,

exhausting.  Finding  in everyway possible to survive especially

if they are empaths living in this unfamiliar world of theirs. 

What's wonderful! 

They are Resilient, Awesome and Authentic 



 Actors~ Poets~ Authors~ Designers~ Hairdressers.  Many are in

  the arts because they are extremely creative and visual and  have learned

 to live in this vast universe by studying others morphing. They 


very good actors like being someone else not understanding

themselves. This is how they have learned to live in this world .  


Because they love animals and having that

bond could go into that field by working with them. They are inquisitive

wanting to know more and thinking outside the box. Some have

become Psychics picking up vibes in the Spiritual field and are very good at

 their Craft, because they could be Empaths have Gifts others

 don’t have. Being Highly Sensitive picking up Energy,

Having an Antenna Reaching Far and Wide. 


If they don’t understand their gifts it will become confusing, cause them

many problems, bringing on high anxiety  trying to understand and second guessing themselves. It's very Important to look after their Health &

Well Being by building their immune system making it vibrant

and strong.  They need to Calm their Brain down Lower

 their Stress. They just want to be able to be left alone to do their

own thing. In Peace, Harmony and Most of All Love. When

you say to a female you do not look any different you can't be

autistic.  What Autistic females want you to know Videos

Autism Being Creative

Female Autism Can Be Misdiagnosed:

Many older females have no idea they are autistic and never been

diagnosed and if they have usually with   other mental disorders:   Bipolar~OCD ~ADD ~Depression~ Personality

Disorder~ PTSD and everything else under the sun never

 with the autism. Why? Because females have learned Masking

 hiding behind their facade.  Just like her Becoming a Chameleon.

They know they are different feel uncomfortable in their skin. Full

of anxiety trying to fit in. Highly focus in something they love, need to

keep their brain active.  Cannot handle stress and this is why some

turn to drugs and alcohol because of social anxiety  feeling different.

As they become older childlike in many ways and very honest 

and have all sorts of careers. Make Wonderful~ Teachers

~ Doctors~ Psychiatrists~Psychologists ~Engineers. 

Sometimes Politicians wanting fair play. Scientists~

Philosophers~ Entrepreneurs ~Inventors becoming

extremely Successful focusing on something they love and have

come out with Incredible, Remarkable Inventions.

Both Tesla & Einstein were believed  to have autism had many

failures and  had a hard life's.  Never gave up in what they were

passionate about;  highly focused and brilliant minds  The hardships

they went through and look at what they achieved amazing complements 

They're in all in different fields of society, it could be you or someone

you  know, a friend, a colleague or a family member. They are kind

and have empathy but internalize everything. Can have meltdowns

if they do not take care of themselves. Some are good at writing

poetry sharing their feelings. Like being in their own existence are

happier that way. They do not like being told what to think, do and 

say if it doesn’t make sense to them.  Can get overwhelmed not

understanding others and it can shut them down. As children

could be misled may go along with things that can harm them.

If they don’t understand themselves and not having the right guidance and

 support this will affect them tremendously. Sometimes not comprehending

 the consequences and  turning to street drugs getting into trouble.

 Others using alcohol or both trying to calm their nerves down and

anxieties to be able to function the best way possible. 


Now quite a  few of the younger generation thinking if they change their

  Gender a He to a She and Visa Versa they will feel better, to find

out later it was the biggest mistake for some of them. Trans Regret

1Aa%20flowerpg14 - Copy.jpg

High Functioning On

The Autism Spectrome 

We are all different and like she has  said it depends on our upbringing where we are from. Our DNA how we were treated and have somethings in common    



Learning ~Open~ Validate~ Educate  

L is for Learning, expanding the mind 

O is for being Open to the universe and receiving

V is for Validating yourself because you are worth it 

E is for Educating, absorb all that you can

Bringing You Peace of  Mind~ Balance~ Harmony & Well~Being  Brings  With It a Clear Understanding &  Knowledge Is Power 

Written July 23rd  2020 

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