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Watch Documentary The New World Order
Journey to a New World -Economic Forum
Our Governments Are Not Listening To The Real Doctors And Scientists Why? There Are Medicines That Can Help And Eliminate this COVID  Virus. If You Do Not Believe Listen to this doctor LIVE: Anti-Vaccine Doctor
Testifies at Senate Homeland Security Hearing ...
More With Amazing Polly Mind Blowing 
  visit her Channel:…

THE REASON I'M SHARING THIS VIDEO  my mother came to me in my dream it was so surreal I was truly with her. This was a year after her passing, she was an amazing woman born before her time. She taught me many lessons as a little girl and a young lady. I had many life lessons I had to learn. Was it easy? not at all, life isn’t a  breeze.  I had to learn how to live on this unfamiliar place that didn't make sense most of the time. As she had always taught me think of the other person’s feelings and no one was better than anyone else. Also even if you do not see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I miss her terribly and it’s getting harder living here with all this chaos and evil in the world and most have no idea and perhaps it's for the better.


This is why we have to raise our vibrations send love out to the galaxies.  I know I was sent here to be a loving person it's difficult when you are an empath having an antenna picking up frequencies far and wide. I asked her will I be with her one day. She said two words as I was pulled back and awoke staring at the ceiling, it was the most unusual dream that I had never dreamt. My mother hadn’t had an easy life but had an incredible sense of humour that got her through the difficult times. What  an extraordinary woman she was. I woke my husband to tell him what happened I knew one of the words but not the other.  He told me to goggle it and I did. There was only one website that appeared it was all about Keylonic Dictionary this was quite amazing what I saw. She was letting me know and leading me where I needed to go on this journey and finding these videos. This is one of them I just came across.



An interview with Sacha Stone and Laura Lynn, she's a wonderful human being, a spiritual leader with such compassion and humanity. She has been following her since the pandemic started. Sacha Stone, an  amazing human being as well, an incredible artist, his heart is pure as snow for humanity. The knowledge he possesses is astonishing and has the knowing. The love he feels an inner light of solitude, an honesty within himself. This is because what he went through as a child and he knows the truth. She can connect with that energy, going  through her own journey.  As he says our consciousness leads us, that’s so true; for her a Brit growing up in London England in the 50s: No education, she couldn’t read, didn’t learn anything at school, she was an open book and thought outside the box. Her aura that gave her intuition and after all it was in her DNA when she listened to it, guided her to where she is today. Learned many lessons she needed to acknowledge, understand why she was here and what she was meant to do. 


Our childhood does give us our foundation, fortitude and the people who are around us and meet along the way.  It gives us our character and for her it gave her this uniqueness, resilience and authenticity on this full spectrum journey.   A child who was blessed having a mother like hers and God's love, he never gave up on her or let her down. A free spirit, a butterfly flittering here there and everywhere and never settling. She yearned to know what true love was but had no idea, till she met this tall dark handsome young man and was like no other she had met before. He was very well educated, a high IQ, a beautiful artist and full of compassion. He was from another country and with a different background; his parents well off and she was from a working class family with very little money. Their eyes met across a crowd room in a London disco this is all in one of her novels she is writing.


Her conscious knowing what was right gave her the courage to stand up for what she believes in and brought her to where she is today. It so true, unless you have been through the fire how can you have the passion and be a truth seeker. It didn't happen overnight, she went through her ups and downs, her anxieties and secrets some of the times taking over and getting in the way. This happened because of these experiences she went through and also pain can shut you down physically, emotionally and mentally. Bringing on fear, insecurities, second guessing herself. Then guess what? Believe it or not everything changed for the better in 2020. Did she find the answers on this incredible path she took? You can be the judge when her novels are finished. All she wants is for this world to be a better place, like her grandpa's story he wrote for her and when she would daydream in class looking out of the window connecting to the sky and nature.........

All this Information Coming

You Either Believe It Or Not ~She is still

Searching What Her Mother said Putting

Her On This Path Of The knowing 

 Former rock musician and artist Sacha Stone grew up in Rhodesia-Zimbabwe throughout the war for independence. He established Humanitad in 1999 and has worked across both the NGO and IGO sectors as an outspoken advocate of human rights and natural justice. He has also vigorously worked toward exposing the Sabbatean globalist agenda and its rich pathology of historical crimes against humanity. He has instigated peace initiatives and education programs, lobbied against human-rights abuses in different parts of the globe and continues to prosecute for the protection of breakthrough innovators, scientists and doctors.

Investigate don't take things at face value there are a lot of wolves in sheep's
clothing who will try to fool you because of your trusting nature and being naive 
Why are Google FaceBook Twitter and these other outlets shutting down free speech? if there is nothing to hide why are they doing this? Because the truth is coming out and they don't want you to see it, hear~ talk or share it it's as simple as that!!!!
Ezra Levant takes a look at the numbers from a joint Harvard University, Brown University and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation data analysis that revealed that the impact from government lockdowns on the economy crushed the working class.
New Brunswick woman arrested, pinned by cops for entering store while
mask exempt. Is this the way you want citizens to be treated? This lady was
telling the truth and standing up for her rights and look what happened to her. 

It’s also her right not to be forced to share her private medical
information with total strangers just to get a little shopping done.
Why are they doing this to Canadian Citizens
It Doesn't Make Sense
A Story About a Drug Given to Pregnant Women in The 50s and 60s
 This was 1960 in London England her family had moved to a council house 225 The mall. This particular day her mother happened to see a woman moving in two doors down. It go her curiosity going because the man who lived there she didn't like him a tall and not getting good vides from him. Seeing this woman she looked very frail and her mother always wanting to help the under dog and introduced herself to her. She found out she was the cleaning lady and very and  an orphan. Her mother took this woman under her wing and became friends with Joy and she already had a son.  Joy would come over for afternoon tea and her mother always the joker making her laugh and feelin special because she would make a fuse over her 


Facebook Pierre Poilievre Great Support
 988 Canada. They have passed a motion in Parliament to establish a three-digit hotline. 👍


Shouldn’t help be a simple three-digits away?
 Todd Doherty, MP thinks so.#Bring988ToCanada
 There Could Have Been a Better Solution
Watch great illustration by Derek Sloan
How the pandemic was and is being 
handled. It's been a disaster
and she agrees with Sloan he makes such good common sense.
She voted for him to be the leader of the Conservative Party,
what a shame he didn't win, we need more leaders like him  
2 Videos On Build Back Better
There are thousands going to rallies all around the world standing up for freedom. People are smart and are not going to keep going along with these crazy ideas. They think they can take our liberties away with causing fear and all these ridiculous restrictions, which they will never obey themselves. Flying on Jets, not masking going to restaurants, parties and functions not social distancing,  it's all show what they do in front of the public.  They will shutdown people's free speech, that doesn't go with their agenda but it will never happen. WHY? The power of the human spirit will resist and wanting free will, instead of cowering  they will bring a positive frequency of a pure radiance because good always in the end wins over evil.

An Awakening Will Occur
Build Back Better': Who said the catchphrase first?. It  was a plan they had all along, the globalists. Take small business jobs away, your livelihood, the housing market sky rockets and our children will never be able to afford to buy a home of their own. The human population have to wear masks  and your children can't go to school.  They have terrified people and you better obey and believe they are infected and will kill grandma and grandpa. It's not working, more are waking up to their propaganda and want to live not

Just Exist In Fear.
Her parents lived through the Second World War in Britain. Our ancestors fought to keep our freedoms. Canadians have no idea the evil and what other countries have been through, they had it so easy here. Canada is great country let's keep it that way. Listen to the wise words of this pastor fighting for freedom.
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