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Kim Uses in Her ECO Friendly Secret Garden Hair Studio

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 Kim's Journey All Started In

The 90s Helping Her Son

What Is More Important
Than Love~Family & Friends


In 1992 Kim was introduced to SHAKLEE by Shirley Lennox if you go to this link and scroll down you will see info about this beautiful soul. She passed in 2023. This lady was the one who told Kim about this doctor and went to his clinic in the States with her son. She doesn't know how she did it but her intuition was so strong could not stand another day seeing her child suffering. She had to help him no matter what. No one at the time was doing what she was doing here in Canada that she knew of, this was all those years ago. The first thing she had to do was take the toxic cleaners out of the home wash the clothes without toxins this doctor highly recommend Shaklee GetClean Take vitamins he especially wanted them to take Vit D3 very important living here in Canada not having much sun in the winner. Also Lecithin~at the time was taking a children's vitamin then  Vita Lea with iron now with vitamin K~ Alfalfa~ B Complex ~Vitamin C ~Optiflora Omega~which we take now CB2 hemp organic caps or the oil. There were others supplements we took.


The doctor did say he had never seen so many of his patients with allergies.  The reason why apparently a lot of his patients were from Ottawa and we live in a valley here. Not good for us if you suffer with allergies and headaches.  Kim knows when she would go on cruises she never got a migraine also could eat all the foods she had allergies and never triggered one. 

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Get Clean  Shaklee   

Kim Uses in Her ECO Friendly Secret Garden Hair Studio
It's Also Her Healing Room


Chi Colours 



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