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     In the Summer of  2018 Found
This Amazing Doctor  

She had gone through some very bad experiences causing pain and many migraines. This affected her physically, mentally, emotionally, suffering terrible anxiety and stopped driving, traveling and cut herself off from going out and socializing. She never gave up on trying to find solutions and slowly started seeing improvements, having better days. As we know pain can age you and she went on the internet to research and find a plastic surgeon who only operated on faces.  She came across a website and liked what she saw, his place of business was pristine and that appealed to her mind's eye and creative flair and made an appointment for a consultation. The doctor had a kind face and picking up energies being very sensitive to her environment, what would he be like in person? She needed to be with someone who was compassionate and understanding. He was wonderful, he spent a long time with her, even her husband, who didn't want her to have anything done, was impressed. The doctor addressed all her concerns and she felt very comfortable in his presence and found him very engaging and knew what he was talking about.  Now for the reveal.

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Looking For A Cosmetic Surgeon 
Her Looks Are Very Important 
To Her Dr. Samaha 

To learn more about Dr Samaha this wonderful doctor please go to his website.

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